Monday, December 31, 2012


"Deport me? If America won't change its crazy gun laws... I may deport myself"

By Piers Morgan

What I want to know is how come whenever one of these Liberals threatens to leave, they never do? Remember how they were all going to uproot and go to Canada because Bush got re-elected? We all know Liberals talk out the side of their ass - unfortunately none of them ever left town.

Speaking out: Piers Morgan angered 90,000 gun-lovers in the US when he spoke out about gun control

Guess again, Piers; we're closer to about 200 million. I know that number is kind of mind-boggling to a Euro but the fact of the matter is North America is a huge, wild land. There are 330 million Americans, about 30 million Canadians, and God knows how many Mexicans.

Speaking of Mexicans, it was YOUR darling Barack Obama who ran the biggest gun-running operation in history, supplying AK-47 assault rifles to the most lethal criminal drug gangs in the world: Operation Fast & Furious.

If there's going to be a crackdown on so-called "assault weapons", how come the Liberals turn a blind eye to the Obama Administration's activity in distributing these weapons directly to the Mexican drug cartels?

The Mexican drug gangs do not only dwell on the border areas - they are present everywhere Mexican illegals are present in this country. Places like Oakland, California; Fayetteville, North Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

So the Obama Administration refuses to develop any kind of new, workable policies going forward, and goes to court against the southwestern border states for daring to enforce existing immigration policies. They provide the cartels with assault rifles - over seven hundred of them - and then . . . the Liberals call to disarm the law-abiding citizenry of any capability to defend ourselves against this kind of threat.

Think about it; the right to defend oneself is a fundamental human right. To disarm a free people is to deny them this basic human right, and to ultimately deny them a significant measure of freedom. Ergo, Liberals are against human rights.

Me? I carry. It is my right as a tax-paying, land-owning citizen of the Republic. I have been carrying for almost thirty years now in all of the places I mentioned above - some of the roughest neighborhoods in North America.

You better go home, Piers. This place requires too much raw masculinity for you to deal with.

"Too much Freedom goin' on around here!"



  1. "I may deport myself" . . .

    It'd be interesting to see if just one of these flaming liberal talking heads had the conviction to stand by what they say. Piers won't go though, he can't stand the thought of being out of the limelight. That and like all of them, they lack a spine.

  2. He can't deport himself back to the Daily Mirror as he got fired from there a few years back. Ole Piers misrepresented some pictures as soldiers mistreating Iraqis. He's spent a lifetime being ethics free.

  3. There's nothing about Piers that a good sidewalk asskicking wouldn't solve.

    "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

  4. I believe Piers was so outspoken simply to gain publicity.

    If so, it is one of the most despicable, dishonourable acts I have witnessed on TV.

  5. Fucker can pack his other shirt and comic books and foxtrot Oscar!

  6. What's really hysterical is some Wag in the UK started a WH petition to keep Mogan in the US, stating bluntly, "No-one here wants him."

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