Sunday, December 16, 2012


Dry-Eyed Obama Fakes Unseen Tears, Vows Assault Weapons Ban In Code: ‘We’re Going To Take Meaningful Action’

What we are witnessing is a cunning, calculating, cold-hearted pure political operator - "community organizer" - tears cannot well up in his eyes because his mind is racing a hundred miles a minute on how to best exploit this golden opportunity dropped straight into the Democrat's collective lap:

Gun Control

What happened in Sandy Hook was an epic tragedy, but viewed in perspective these mass shootings are hardly an epidemic. To put the template of hard statistics upon them we see that about 200 a year fall victim to this kind of gun violence. But we lose 15,000+ a year to one-on-one gun homicide and this is the true epidemic.

Personally, it would suit me fine if we could collect up all the guns in the world and dump them in the deep blue sea and be done with crime and violence forever. But this is a total pipe dream and is totally unachievable. If every law-abiding gun owner in North America were to disarm, this would result in Chicago homicide rates on a nationwide scale.

The right to self-defense is a fundamental human right. In Bosnia I saw the results of a UN weapons-embargo; the killing became almost one-sided and resulted in horrific genocide-scale killings - unbelievable in post-World War II Europe.

Lets get it straight, people; what we are witnessing is not the result of the presence of weaponry. What we are witnessing is the same thing we saw in the former Yugoslavia in the last decade of the twentieth century; the symptoms of a society in decay.

The solution to gun violence is not to disarm the law abiding citizenry. The solution to school shootings is to arm the teachers - it works in Israel. Unfortunately our teachers are such brainwashed Liberal koolaid drinkers themselves that they will never go for such a thing, and so the killings will continue . . .



  1. There he goes with that middle finger again.
    Lazarus Long

  2. He has now verbally set the stage. He has four years(maybe more?) to disarm us. obama has stated before that gun control was a vital part of his agenda. Lock and load and hang on. The tsunami sized attack on the Second Amendment is about to begin. Part of the attack will be registration, followed by gun taxes. A lot of law abiding Americans are about to become criminals

  3. While we still can, every patriot needs to make sure he's adequately armed for whatever troubles come down the pike. God only knows what that might be, but judging by the record of the douchebags in DC, you're gonna want to stock up on guns 'n ammo. If nothing else, they'll hold their value and then some.

  4. As a retired Teacher of 24 years experience in the inner city plus some time in the Green Machine. I know one thing is that Red Hot Gospel. I would not want almost any of my fellow teachers to be armed at school. As that most of them can not control themselves emotionally let alone their classes. You would have to hire highly screened professionals instead. That and this is too practical an answer to this problem.
    Bottom Line - I am so grateful that my lovely Wife talked me into early retirement even if I do miss my students.

    As to the Head Clown in the White House, We can just hope that the Clowns in the House can deny him the funds for any of his silly ideas. But I am not holding any hope on that either.

  5. Well said. Indeed, well said. Teachers need to be armed.

  6. America has become a society of loose social fabric; we are becoming increasingly disconnected from traditional relationships which once bound us to not only one another, but our communities.

    Libs kill me. This is the 'perfect society' they have worked so diligently to build…. and all in the name of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness.’ Just how exactly has our life gotten better since these social engineers began tinkering with traditional American values?

    What we need to do is tell the truth, call a spade a spade, and stop letting these bastuuurds hide behind these emotional appeals during times of crisis.

    America is at a tipping point, and I am not confident in our collective ability to recover that which we have lost.

    JMHO, and your mileage may vary.