Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The airwaves are blanketed with endless wall-to-wall coverage of the school shooting up there in Connecticut, and predictably they come straight to the wrong conclusion. Guns are not responsible for the shooting, any more than spoons are the cause of obesity.

I put out there on Twitter that the solution to school shootings is to arm the teachers. Oh man you should have heard the hue and cry that caused, especially from the Brits and the Aussies. I'd like to point out that the famous UK gun control laws never kept the Irish from getting their hands on guns; military assault rifles, belt-fed machineguns, pistols, you name it the lot.

I have pointed out that arming the teachers is what works in Israel, and it worked in Kenya during the Mau-Mau uprising. A reader pointed out that this probably wouldn't work in the United States, however, because the majority of teachers are pointy-headed politically correct spineless Liberals who can't even control their own emotions; totally unsuited to handling the responsibility of providing armed security.

Fine, I said. The Sheeple are bleating something must be done - so hire more sheepdogs, like me. There are plenty of level-headed ex-military types like myself around who would love to pick up a little extra pay on the side. All you have to do is get the Sheriff's Dept to deputize them and that takes care of all your legal and litigation concerns, and you've got a solution to the situation.

Of course, that makes too much sense, so instead they will continue their drive to disarm the law-abiding citizenry. This is what we get when the Moron Class wins elections.

The best analogy I have heard so far comes from an email to Rush Limbaugh, which he read on his show yesterday:

Dear Rush:

I have not watched a second of news on the school shooting over the weekend, mainly because seeing the reporting makes me cry and unable to do much else. But I'm tuned in enough to know that once again the American leftist culture is forcing us to collectively look at the wrong reasons for the problem, and as such, we will never be able to come to grips with it, much less find a solution. What do all of the public shootings in the last years have in common? They were all done by young white males who were from upper middle-class families. The problem is not guns. That's the easy shiny thing that the liberals flash in front of us so that we don't look at their failed political agenda.

The problem in America today is how we have treated white boys for the last decades, and it all has at its root the unrelenting liberal political agenda. Boys have been pushed out of two of the most important activities: school and sports. In an all-out effort to convince girls they can do anything a boy can, schools have ignored the natural needs and learning traits of boys and forced them to learn like girls. Fewer boys are going to college, in part because they're being pushed out by a feminist agenda in education. We have rushed to dilute the energetic aggressive aspects of the male species by drugging them as children and chickifying them at every turn.

We allowed our young boys to play violent murdering video games. These types of games are the same ones the military uses to train soldiers. But they are being played by very, very young kids in dark rooms all over the country. You want to ban something, ban those. We have overlooked the devastating effects on all children of not having a father in the house. And we have ignored and not helped boys with their mental illness. We've hyperventilated endlessly over girls and their eating disorders, image issues, self-esteem, sex, blah, blah, blah, but we have most totally ignored the mental challenges that boys face.

The above was written by a female listener of the Rush Limbaugh show. I'm putting it out there because I agree wholeheartedly - I despise those military-themed violent video games, and I'm a soldier by profession.

If we are to ban anything, let us restrict the video games which are exactly what this woman calls them out as: military training to produce mass casualties. They have utterly no socially redeeming value whatsoever, they celebrate wanton violence and killing, and the results speak for themselves.



  1. Guns are only a means of expressing violence, not a cause of it. Blick

  2. Wow. Agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, you are right about boys' learning and what's happened to education. It's OK for girls to be depressed, but boys, not so much. I made the statement that "guns are inert" and got pounced on that I was only saying the old trite mistaken sentiment that "guns don't kill people; people kill people." But I have lived 65 years and I have never seen a gun jump up and pull its own trigger.

  3. The letter Rush's listener wrote is spot on. Most every point that woman articulated in her email, I have experienced firsthand as I was born in the late 80's. I have seen it amongst my friends, myself, and younger generations of men. There exists a disconnect somewhere in the educational sphere about the simple nature of men ie. natural aggressiveness.

    Just a small example: the small high-school I attended had seven sports for girls- JV and Varsity. There was only the boys basketball team, and after much male student led outcry they allowed us to create a boy's soccer club, but wouldn't allocate resources for making it an official school team.

  4. No sale on the "Violent Video Game" thesis. It's as much malarkey as Wayne LaPierre's "violent movies" thesis.

    What's at fault here is plainly, simply, grouping convenient clumps of defenseless sheep together in opposition to the obvious knowledge that some infintesimally small percentage (0.00001%, in fact) of people are homicidally crazy, and a rather larger percentage (about 3%)are criminal, and both will respond with poor impulse control when presented with a free meal. Much like sharks in a chum line presented with a dangling carcass, they tend to be rather predictable.

    Violent video games were preceded by violent movies were preceded by violent radio plays were preceded by violent operas were preceded by violent books were preceded by violent Shakespearean plays were preceded by violent Greek tragedies, ad ininitum ad nauseum. Blah blah blah. If anyone wants to preach control of expression, HuffPo and DemUnderground are always looking for new (fifth) columnists.

    Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, and Hitler were driven by which of these influences? They demonstrably murdered more masses than anyone in history. Preceded by Napoleon, Genghis Khan, and the Caesars, who were motivated by which of the above nonsensical "causes"? We all know better than to try such easy (and easily provable as false) "outs".

    People aren't basically good, they're basically evil. Civilization is fundamentally about getting everyone to curb their inate appetites for killing and destruction and taming them for both their own good and the good of the society, so if we aren't going to blame forks and spoons for obesity we can't blame violent __________ for people reverting to their basest behaviors. That's simply scapegoating something you don't like to spare something you do, which is exactly the stupidity we revile about the Leftist lunatics trying to blame Black Guns and high-cap magazines, instead of themselves, for putting defenseless women and children in easy reach of this latest (but certainly not the last) psychotic twisted little f**ker.

    And beware of wanting to adopt LaPierre's idiotic kneejerk of more "sheepdogs". The current administration views the TSA as "sheepdogs". D'ya want fat morons who couldn't pass a 4th-grade intelligence test or PE test groping kidergarteners in perpetuity? I'll pass, thanks.

    Revoke the asinine "gun free zones" nonsense, and return the right of concealed carry to any adult - parent, teacher, staff member, whatever - who isn't a crazy or a criminal.

    Extend "Good Samaritan" immunity from prosecution to any bystander who acts in defense of others using such weapons according to the same "reasonable man" standard used to keep jackasses from suing people who render aid at traffic accidents, and mass murders will cease faster than icebergs off the Florida Keys.

    And let's agree to leave the silly scapegoating to the chattering morons on the other side. For the children...?

    Best Regards,