Saturday, September 11, 2010


SO MUCH TOOK PLACE ON THAT DAY IN SEPTEMBER . . . so much has happened since . . .

The coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania (after passengers and flight crew attempted to retake control of the plane).

The death toll of the attacks was 2,996, including the 19 hijackers - may they burn forever in Hell.

The attacks initiated the current War on Terror: U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan, the passing of the USA PATRIOT Act, and the subsequent invasion of Iraq. As of August 31, 2010, there have been, 4410 U.S. military dead. 31,844 wounded in action in Iraq (Operation Enduring Freedom), and 1,985 coalition deaths in Afghanistan as part of ongoing coalition operations (Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF) since the invasion in 2001.

On June 01 2009, Pvt. William Andrew Long was shot and killed by Abdulhakim Muhammad, while standing unarmed outside a recruiting facility in Little Rock AR.

The U.S. government and their official propaganda organ a.k.a. the Mainstream Media claims that this was the first attack on U.S. soil and first U.S. casualty on U.S. soil since the War on Terror began. This is an incredible oversight, when we consider the following attacks and incidents that have taken place on U.S. soil and U.S. aircraft since 9-11:

The 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States occurred over the course of several weeks beginning on September 18, 2001, one week after the September 11 attacks. Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to several news media offices and two Democratic U.S. Senators, killing five people and infecting 17 others. The ensuing, unsolved investigation became "one of the largest and most complex in the history of law enforcement."

A letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle containing anthrax powder killed two postal workers

On December 22, 2001, Richard Colvin Reid, a.k.a. the Shoe Bomber, attempted to blow American Airlines Flight 63 out of the sky with plastic explosives concealed in his shoes. Reid, a self-admitted member of al-Qaeda, pled guilty in 2003 in U.S. federal Court to eight criminal counts of terrorism.

The Shoe Bomber is currently serving a life sentence without parole in a super-max security prison in the United States.

The Washington sniper attacks took place during three weeks in October 2002 in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three others critically injured in various locations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia. The rampage was perpetrated by John Allen Muhammad, and a minor he had influence over, Lee Boyd Malvo. The pair conducted the random killings from the trunk of a specially-modified 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan. The terror operation apparently began a month earlier with murders and robbery in Louisiana and Alabama, which had resulted in three deaths.

On November 10, 2009, Muhammad was executed by lethal injection - long may he rot in Hell - his accomplice Malvo was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

INSTRUMENTS OF DEATH: The DC Sniper's "SniperMobile" and weapon of choice, an accurized M-16/M-4 variant.

In the November 5, 2009 shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, the traitor U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan turned on his own countrymen, killing 13 people and wounding 30.

Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent.

Hasan was a serving U.S. Army medical officer, a psychiatrist. During his attack he was shot by Department of the Army Civilian Police officers, and is now paralyzed from the chest down. Good. Hasan has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted murder under the Uniform Code of Military Justice; he may face additional charges at court-martial.

The shootings have since often been mentioned as one of a number of attacks linked to Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki or Al Qaeda, including the Christmas 2009 airline bombing attempt and an inspiration for the Times Square bombing. Although Awalki has not yet been charged with any specific crime in any one incident, Awlaki has since been deemed enough of a security threat to have been targeted by the United States government for killing or capture.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan, on December 25, 2009.

Reports indicate that burns Umar suffered as a result of trying to ignite explosives in his underwear, completely burned off his penis and testicles; if this is true then Justice has been served, in this case like Cajun blackened chicken.

Instead of being treated as an unlawful enemy combatant, Umar Farouk, a Muslim Nigerian citizen and self-described al Qaeda operative, was charged on six criminal counts, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder of 289 people. He is in U.S. custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

Then of course there was the Times Square Bomber, whose operation followed close on the heels of the Underwear Bomber:

On May 1, 2010, a car bomb was discovered by New York City Police in Times Square, after smoke was spotted coming from a vehicle. The bomb had been ignited, but failed to explode, and was disarmed before it caused any casualties.

30-year-old Muslim Faisal Shahzad, a U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, admitted attempting the car bombing, and said that he had trained at a Pakistani terrorist training camp.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder said that Shahzad's intent had been "to kill Americans". Shahzad was charged in federal court in Manhattan on May 4 with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and other federal crimes related to explosives. More than a dozen people were arrested by Pakistani officials in connection with the plot.


The Buffalo Six (known primarily as Lackawanna Six, but also the Lackawanna Cell, or Buffalo Cell) is a group of six Yemeni-American childhood friends who were convicted of providing material support to al-Qaeda, based on the fact they had attended an Al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan together in the Spring of 2001. They are: Mukhtar Al-Bakri, Sahim Alwan, Faysal Galab, Shafal Mosed, Yaseinn Taher, and Yahya Goba. All six are American citizens.

The 2007 Fort Dix attack plot involved a group of six radical Islamist men who conspired to stage an attack against US Military personnel stationed at Fort Dix, New Jersey. The alleged aim of the group was to "kill as many soldiers as possible".

The men were arrested by the FBI on May 8, 2007 and were prosecuted in federal court. On December 22, 2008, five were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder in their intentions to kill US military personnel; four received life sentences while one received 33 years in prison. The remaining member was thought to have a minor role in the plot and was sentenced to five years in prison for weapons offenses.

Three of the conspirators; Dritan Duka (age 28), Shain Duka (26) and Eljvir Duka (23) ethnic Albanians from the Republic of Macedonia, entered the United States illegally through Mexico in October 1984.

Regarding the earlier mentioned killing of Private Long, at the Recruiting Center in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Asked whether he considered the shootings at the recruiting center an act of war, Muhammad said "I didn't know the soldiers personally, but yes, it was an attack of retaliation. And I feel that other attacks, not by me or people I know, but definitely Muslims in this country and others elsewhere, are going to attack for doing those things they did," especially desecrating the Quran.

Abdulhakim Muhammad, 23, wanted revenge for claims that American military personnel had desecrated copies of the Quran and killed or raped Muslims.

The great Global War on Terror has since been re-named "Overseas Contingency Operations" by the current Administration. This is political correctness, of course; the United States has been under attack by Islamic terrorists since at least the Iranian Hostage Crisis of the late 1970s. In the spring of 2005 I attended a CIA briefing where the speaker stated that "GWOT" was a misnomer, due to the fact that we are not at war against 'Terror' per se; Terror is simply a tactic, and we do not make war against tactics. The enemy, he stated, is Fundamentalist Islam.




  1. Excellent post! Yes, Islamic extremists are dead set on attacking the United States. And, there have been many attacks on our soil. WE must keep vigilant and keep up the good fight against our enemies.

    God rest the souls who died on Sept. 11, that tragic day. God Bless our troops. God Bless the USA!!

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