Friday, September 3, 2010


The latest of a disturbing series of emails from the great Texas gunsmith and friend of this site, Tom of Boomers and Bullshit, announcing his departure from the blogosphere.

I say disturbing because I do not like to see anyone pack it in on any enterprise or undertaking. Tom has contributed much to STORMBRINGER - but the blog venue obviously isn't working for him, perhaps he will continue to contribute in another vein.

Best wishes to you Tom, in anything and everything you do, as you move forward . . . - S.L.


Seems a good note to go out on.

I still will have things to contribute to my regular haunts, once in a while, ain't dead, but I'd rather work on this stuff I'm getting PAID FOR than moderate comments from people who think I don't know how some particular guns work when I have Browning's entire evolution of plan drawings for the firearm in question, as a friend of mine, he deals in blueprints and it's a firearm I own multiple copies of.

Thought about it all day and this is where it shall end. Shame in a way, but I don't like working to get insulted for free.

If I wanted to do that every day, I'd still moonlight playing guitar and doing sound. Everybody knows a "better" guitarist just like everybody knows a "better" internet historian...Nobody liked Churchill except when they needed him, either, aye? So Winston went back to doing things he liked to do and writing some REALLY GOOD BOOKS instead of trying to swim upstream.

No need for anybody to link me anymore unless it's for nostalgia.

I have BRENs and Martini-Henry rifles to fiddle with instead of moderating insults from people who tell me I don't own them when they are hanging on the wall ;-)

People who aren't idiots that have technical questions most likely know where to find me, OR, KNOW HOW TO READ A BOOK or THREE...

Former Proprietor of Boomers and BS
Still a Smithy Person


  1. I've never been to his site, but I can relate to his (Tom's) frustration. Everyone is a critic ...

    A really good gunsmith is a dying artform. Similar to a good mechanic. When they are gone THEY ARE GONE!

  2. Thanks everybody. I've got a book to work on and a publisher (as well as some odd firearms here and there, as bills need paying too, until the book works).

    I don't hate any of y'all, just hated enough of them to move on. Reckon it'll launch me into doing greater work and spending less time jerking around on the internet AND it showed me who my real friends were.

  3. Just a damn shame, Tom. Thanks for all the knowledge, man.