Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey Y'all:

I just deleted a comment beneath the post GUNNED DOWN IN VEGAS, due to its incendiary nature.

This is the first time I have taken such an action here on Blog STORMBRINGER - I am not about Political Correctness and I damn sure am not about censorship; calling for the citizenry to exact bloody revenge on cops is where I draw the line, however.

This is not within the bounds of a lawful, civilized society; in fact, these are dangerous thought patterns. To the (anonymous) author of that comment I say: go get your own blog - STORMBRINGER is not a soapbox for revolutionaries, and this is not where we are going with this thing.

While we're on the subject of comments, I get some real juicy ones over at FrumForum. A certain reader over there (who has a bone for me apparently) has accused me of being a racist for letting stand a comment here on STORMBRINGER that compared Michelle Obama to a Klingon. I let it stand because it was harmless, and it was funny, besides. Like I said I am not PC and I don't believe in censorship - I'll leave the book burnings, re-education sessions and political correctness to the Nazis, Communists and liberals in places like Berkeley.

Over the years I've been called lots of things - from way before the Internet even existed, as we know it. I've been labeled a Nazi (pretty funny when you consider all my time on the ground in Israel), a babykiller (that was in a Lesbian bar in Key West a couple of years after the Desert Storm aura wore off and the liberals were back on script- funny story, I'll tell it sometime), a racist (this despite the fact I am in a bi-racial marriage), and a mercenary. OK I can live with that last one, despite the fact that it is not exactly true - there are SOME things I simply won't do for money.




  1. It's your blog, dude. You *own* the Delete key on it. It's your call.

    Speaking of interesting bars in Florida, I was enjoying a beer on the second floor balcony of a bar that overlooked the beach somewhere north of Plantation when the waitress asked if I wanted one final beer. It wasn't even six PM yet so I asked, "What gives?" Before she could answer, a group of leather-wearing triwheeled-motorcycle riders pulled into the parking lot. It looked like a tough crowd and, when they removed their helmets to reveal long hair and opened their jackets to let their cleavage show, I realized I was in a Dyke bar, and "the rowdies" were arriving. I made a rapid exit out the other side of the bar.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Like P J O'Rourke, I have no problem being called "Fascist". No red blooded woman EVER has had a fantasy about being ravished by a man dressed as a "Liberal". It's the uniform every time!
    I'll get my coat...
    TTFN :)

  4. " ... In the State, you are to be a quiet and peaceful citizen, true to your government, and just to your country. You are not to countenance disloyalty or rebellion, but patiently submit to legal authority, and conform with cheerfulness to the government of the country in which you live..." Our charges and obligations hold us to higher standards than those around us. SMIB

    Brother, you did right to pull the comment (I think he even suggested that. If he was so uncertain he should have dummied up, not posted it in the first place). People lose teeth talking like that around some of the folks I know.

  5. like as not i was the one one with the Klingon comment.... glad you saw the humor, as that was how it was intended.

    nice of the lieberals to be able to say anything they want, and want to restrict anything they don't like. if they don't want their First "lady" mocked, they should have been nicer to Laura Bush.

    tell them i said to FOAD.

  6. The big deal that we have here is that rule of law is breaking down. This event is a signpost of that. It started when some of you boys were in diapers, back in the early 90's with Naval Aviation and tailhook, and it is just increasing. Those of us in the police and military have to uphold rule of law, even at our own expense, or no one will. Vigilante justice will just make things way worse, I think.

  7. It was I who made the offending comment. While I had a few adult libations, that is no excuse. I knew it was over the top.

    My humblest sincerest apology. I was outraged by the story and did not think long enough before I opened my mouth.

    Once again, I did not intend to disrespect the blog owner, nor did I intend to be "revolutionary"

    Mea Culpa,

  8. I think the only responsible thing is to call for the rule of law:: prosecute the murderers and also those who cover-up murder (co-conspirators aiding and abetting murder).

    Because if the prosecutor and Police Cheif make the law irrelevant, then there is no law. And that's not what we want- But it is what they are doing: Making matters worse.

    May someone in NV remember the 'rule of law' and do the right thing- Try these men for murder, and try those who have been aiding and abetting.
    Or they create a very bad situation, that no one wants.

  9. Commenter #8 - It started way before Tailhook - and for the record I wasn't in diapers, I was in my thirties.

    Commenter #9 - Big of you to own up. Don't worry about it - you're cool; we're allowed to be outrageous here at Stormy's. Right after you made your out-of-control comment, you wrote this might be too much and to delete if necessary. That made it cool. I still had to delete it, however. Now go choke yourself.

    Commenter #10 - Let us bear in mind that - in accordance with the Rule of Law - this might be wrongful death but it is not necessarily murder. There are lesser charges that are probably more appropriate; homicide, negligence, etcetera. The shooters themselves may very well be in the clear - it sounds like there was a LOT of chaos and confusion leading up to the tragic shooting. What has happened subsequent of that stinks of a cover up, and that's a different story.


  10. Wait a minute. She's not a Klingon?

  11. Still waiting for the Lesbian bar story.