Thursday, September 23, 2010


Why does nobody pay any attention to what Hillary is doing? She's the Secretary of State; a preacher with a ministry of 50 people down in Florida gets more attention whether or not he burns a Koran, like it matters?

Hillary seems to be getting one hell of a pass by the press.

She basically hasn't done anything of notice or merit IN EITHER DIRECTION for either political party since she ran for presidential election. Smells funny to me.

Michelle Obama gets 10 pages here and three pages there and she has no official role but the primarily leftist press doesn't trumpet any Hillary achievements because she doesn't have any notable ones I can recall and the right wing press doesn't attack her for any decisions or policies to amount to anything, because she DOES NOT SEEM TO HAVE ANY.

I smell a lawyer looking to run for president masquerading as Secretary of State.

Barack Hussein Obama won't release enough records to enlist in the US Army as an E-1 and Hillary Clinton won't do the slightest thing that might attract the least bit of attention to herself from her political enemies.

She's given a couple of speeches with basically no content; she could be called on from either camp, especially at places like UNICEF parties; she tippy-toes around talking to foreign leaders about nothing of consequence. Basically she's doing her best to look like she has no opinions . . .

Any readers out there who can give me firm examples of where she's stood up for much of anything at all of SIGNIFICANCE on principle since she became Secretary of State, FEEL FREE.

As Secretary of State she has had absolutely ZERO noticeable/notable influence on ANYBODY'S foreign policy or actions.

Interesting, isn't it?

Sarkozy's wife gets more press than HC and she's just an "executive toy" as far as politics go.


Is Bill Clinton's CGI the New U.N.?

Has Bill Clinton gotten bigger than the United Nations? The Clinton Global Initiative may not have a standing army, but the organization is becoming known for tackling the thorny problems the U.N. can't handle. CGI has nabbed top-tier speakers from Barack Obama to Bill Gates for its New York summit this week—happening right down the street from the U.N.'s General Assembly meeting. The U.N. may be the terrain of "nerdy policy people," international health expert Paul Farmer tells Olopade, but "what happens at CGI is the nitty-gritty of deal making."

Read about it HERE.

Member of Team STORMBRINGER, Tom H. contributed to this post . . . S.L.



  1. "I smell a lawyer looking to run for president masquerading as Secretary of State."
    Nothing wrong with your sense of smell, Sean.

    It's funny, all those Dems that voted for Obama, having second thoughts and regrets, think "we shoulda voted for Hils" and they are correct.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd rather rub shit on my head than vote for a Dem, but given the wretched performance of the current POTUS we would have been better off with her. She has bigger balls than O and some muscle to back her up (Slick Willie). Other foreign leaders might disrespect Willie but secretly they give him points (see recent posts re: Putin's machismo versus Obama's pussiness) and even as an outsider he gets more done than all the bowing and ass-kissing O does. I think if she makes a run she'll get more support than O. And she's Christian (well, at least we know she is not Muslim).

    Don't start ragging on me, I'm a veteran; a Christian, fundamental Constitutionalist. I oppose anyone on either side of the aisle that does not support the values and principles on which our country was founded.

    Would be nice to clear out the whole mess of them and start clean. With somebody like, uh, like um, like STORMBRINGER, yeah, that's it. We got to start kickin' ass and taking names.

  2. OK, here's a PS on Slick Willie:

    The UN doesn't ... does not ... belong on US soil. That org is working for the downfall of our country. The recent proposed legislation about arms control which would override our Constitutional rights is only one example.

    I confess I don't know much about the CGI but even with a sleazer like Willie involved, isn't it better to have him inside the tent pissing out rather than outside pissing in?

    Ah, I can hear the ringing of steel already but, hey, get it on. I need the exercise.

  3. I don't know how you figure it. Obama is going to run for second term. Hil won't be able to run on the Dem ticket. She could however replace Biden....

  4. The Dem party will have some kind of putsch. All the party hacks are suffering because of O, would back her if she makes a play. I confess, I don't know a lot about the process, but there's gotta be a way she can weasel past him.
    Can the Dems not run alternates to the incumbent? I didn't think Obama would get the spot by default.

    She won't settle for second place unless they have an arrangement with the Chicago boys, the shadow forces; maybe Grassy Knoll the girly man.

    As Sean is pointing out, there is something going on with her and her hillbilly husband. I honestly don't think the Dems stand a chance ... unless the GOP really screws things up. Which could easily happen if they don't get their shit together about the Tea Party movement.

  5. Modern day LBJ, in my eyes.

    Have family I don't like to talk to in left wing la-la land.

    None of them wanted Obama. They wanted Hillary or Richardson...and, a number of them are high enough ranked to be elected politicos, I'm not keen on speaking with, and some were delegates

    A coup within the party is rather plausible, from my vantage. Like you said, Charles, suppose we will find out if it's bloodless or not in the long term, but the long term party hacks like HC WAY BETTER than BHO.

    He road his charisma in but hasn't done anything that made anybody happy. Bill Clinton rode his charisma into office in a very strong economy, compared to today. Homos didn't care about don't ask/don't tell when they were getting six figure jobs at Apple Computer and thought he'd get around to it. BHO hasn't fulfilled much of anything he said he'd do other than health care health care health care health care ad nauseum...

    In a down economy, 2012 might be a lot more brutal infighting than people think.