Friday, September 10, 2010


SKULLHEAD . . . Friend of STORMBRINGER . . . shares his philosophy and wisdom with us . . .

Ok now thw world is protesting the Koran burnning in florida this weekend. (basicly the muslims are threathing to attack because they dont want the holy book burned) so my question is why are we trrying to kiss these peoples asses anyway. point is that they can burn flags and bibles with out anyone doing a thing or making the national news. they can kill christian relief workers in the name of allah. the cartoons with jesus are ok but not with allah. ( for the record jesus is a regular on the family guy cartoon nobody is killing people fro that) we cant pray in schools or say the pledge to the flag, and now we cant display the flag because they dont want people to be offended by that. (school told a kid he could not come to school with the american flag on his truck because they said it offend some of the non american students. at what point did this country forget that the first folks came here to get away from religious persacution. now we have to kiss muslim ass world wide. (ever occur to these people that this religion was not a good thing 2000 years ago and still it not a good thing now. its like a group of people that want to take over the world and live like king as in egypt 2000 or more years ago) these people promote discrimation and slavery yet the aflcio will defend them to the hilt. this a one way street to nothing they have there way we will be living in mud huts growing poppies and pot for these religous leaders. i am still trying to figure out why we are kissing ass to a bunch of camel jockeys that like porn, incest, petafiles, and child molesters and make it ok according to their religion. why is it right for a man to do what he wants but if a woman talks to a strange man she is killed to keep the families honor. they say no drugs or anything like that but there is more shooting up and drug use by the holly warriors. seems to me according to history that warriors were held to a higher ethical standard than the people the fought for. ( seems they have also change things in their book that says they dont have to do anything but what the clecric says and anything goes.) this whole trend is not a good thing and some body needs to have the balls to step up to these people and show them the path to the real spirit world. muslims have oppressed and destroyed countries and cities to fit their rule the world need. it almost a real bad batman vs the joker movie wounder if the joker wins this time. i always thought that heaven and god was a paradise and happy thing for people ( at least for those that need that hope to belive in to make their life better) looks like its hell according to what the muslims are showing us on the world stage.

"Always out there in the bush . . . watching . . . waiting . . ."

Here is the story on the koran burning



  1. Just a note: Islam is not 2000 years old.

    The prophet died 632. This does make a difference. Poland was only Christianised in the 10th century and Spain was only reclaimed from the Moor shortly before the discovery of the Americas. We can't round these events together!

    Living like a Ptolemeic Pharoah wouldn't be too bad a thing to many people. Indeed, the large estate owners of the antebellum South lived in great splendour by all accounts. Only 150 years ago and definitely outside of Islamic influence.

    Know your enemy!

  2. Skullhead understands and indeed exemplifies the total frustration being experienced by Americans, and is even added to almost daily. What we need right now is another leader who just by his mere presence, instills command qualities and leadership, and makes the Muslim world and indeed all our other potential enemies know that we have reached our tolerance level and will have sanity and resolve once again.

    I would just remind everyone that in the 70's, we had another Liberal / Socialist backlash which made this country look weak and lost to our cold war enemies and the world. Once Ronald Reagan was sworn in, The Iranian Embassy Hostages were released and the world soon learned that from that point on, from Grenada to Benghazi to Lebenon to Syria and eventually through Star Wars strategic defense, eventually the USSR. Ronaldus Maximus, right or wrong, brought leadership and an iron willed American priority to the world, and the world advanced.

    On January 11, 1989, in his Farewell Address to the Nation as his second term was coming to an end, Maximus said, "...and in all that time I won a nickname "The Great Communicator". But I never thought it was my style or the words I used that made a difference. It was the content. I wasn't a great communicator, but I communicated great things. And they didn't spring full bloom from my brow, they came from the heart of a great nation -- from our experience, our wisdom, and our belief in principles that have guided us for two centuries. They called it the Reagan revolution. Well, I'll accept that, but for me it always seemed more like the great rediscovery -- a rediscovery of our values and our common sense."

    For myself, I'm waiting to find the next great "American" leader, and through him a rediscovery that will remind the people of this country and the world, who we are and just how much as a people we'll tolerate internally, and around the world……jd

  3. Good leaders will only arise after the other shitbirds are out of the way. Many of us hope that it will be accomplished through the ballot box and peaceful transition.

    I am a bit more cynical; I hope for the best, yes, but I plan for the worst.

    Hope is not a course of action.