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This is kind of dated but hey, this isn't a news service it's a blog, a large part of which is dedicated to national security . . . read down to the bottom part WHO ARE THE SUSPECTS? - kind of puts a kink in my theme about the "moderate" Muslims . . . interested in hearing your thoughts - S.L.


Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 - Agence France-Presse
One of several Canadian men suspected of plotting a terrorist bombing campaign worked at a hospital that houses medical isotopes that could be used in a radiological ‘dirty bomb.’

Misbahuddin Ahmed's work as an X-ray technician would not have brought him into contact with radioactive material used at the Ottawa Hospital's radiology center, hospital administrators said.

Ahmed, 26, was arrested with Hiva Alizadeh, 30, also of Ottawa, and Khuram Sher, 28, of London, Ontario.

"Investigators have grounds to believe that Alizadeh, Ahmed and Sher are part of a domestic terrorist group operating in Canada," Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superintendent Serge Therriault told reporters.

"We also believe that Alizadeh is a member of, and remains in contact with, a terrorist group with links to the conflict in Afghanistan," he said.

Authorities searched the three men's homes, confiscating what they said were dozens of electronic circuit boards that could be used to detonate a bomb from a distance, along with books, drawings and other items that could help in preparing explosives. One of the suspects was believed to have undergone explosives training in another nation.

The "large amount of terrorist documentation and manuals" indicates the men "intended to construct an explosive device or explosive devices for terrorist purposes," Therriault said.


Misbahuddin Ahmed: X-ray technician was ‘reliable,’ his boss says. By most accounts, Misbahuddin Ahmed lived a traditional Muslim life. His colleagues at the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital praised his work ethic and his demeanour — by all accounts, an all-around good guy.

Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, 28, once auditioned for Canadian Idol; he's a father of three, a doctor, and recently moved to London, Ontario to work as a pathologist at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital.

Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30, faces the most serious charges. Hiva is a Sunni Muslim whose parents live in Iran, a former employer says. He lived in Manitoba for years and once attended college to study English and electrical engineering.

“It’s not good news. I’m really sad because as far as I know of Hiva, he was a good guy, he was very good,” Yusuf Abdulrehman told the CBC. Mr. Abdulrehman said Mr. Alizadeh worked at his store, Halal Meats Centre in Winnipeg, for several years.


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