Monday, April 16, 2012


Due to some extreme news I just recieved - an unexpected death in the Brotherhood - posts will be intermittant and brief over the next week. Your understanding is appreciated . . . - S.L.

For those of you who knew him; MSG(ret) Bill Joyner died unexpectedly yesterday. Bill was my Team Sergeant and he was also a close friend. In his retirement, Bill Joyner worked at USASFC. We all knew he had bone cancer, but nobody knew it was that far along. I spoke to him just last week and he sounded fine – this blindsided everybody. Bill was the best guy I ever worked for, the best leader anyone could ever ask for. I learned more about leadership from my three years under his tutelage than I did in 25 years in the Airborne Infantry and Special Forces. He was that good.

First SGM George Miller and now this. Even TigerLily was shaken – Bill was at our wedding. My good friend JT - retired US Marine and ex-Legionaire, just transmitted over the email machine - he said it best:

"Life is short, live each day like it is your last. That is why you never hear me complain. I am thankful to have a roof over my head and hot and cold water. I keep it simple and that way I appreciate things more. It’s sad to see these men go but I know one day we will all meet on the other side in what I call 'Warrior Heaven'. Even the good book makes it a point to say that -

'. . . there is no greater love that a man will lay down his life for a friend.'

We are all certain to meet on the Other Side because men like those who went before are rewarded for their service and sacrifice to freedom."

In the meantime all Hell continues to unleash in the 'Stan:

Afghanistan: Another Rocket Hits Japanese Embassy

April 16, 2012 | 0520 GMT

A rocket struck the Japanese Embassy in Kabul early April 16, Japan Broadcasting Corporation reported. Staff members have been evacuated and no one has been hurt, embassy officials said. Fights are taking place around the parliament building, the Afghan Interior Ministry said.

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  1. My consolations and prayers to you, his family, and your brothers.

  2. Dude I knew Bill in 1/10. He was Team Sergeant on 014 just prior to me coming to the team. He was in BN HQ for awhile after I got to 1/10. He was always greatly respected

  3. Sorry SL Thanks for sharing. Prayers are with u and his family.