Thursday, April 12, 2012


It was brought to my attention that last year CNBC aired an hour-long documentary attacking the Remington M-700 - I was not aware of this controversy - I have since learned that that the same producer is working on a follow-up story attacking Remington yet again; this time the M-870.

Turns out Remington isn't taking this lying down.

Every security professional and gun aficionado knows that for any and every gun ever made, people have opinions pro and con - and they're not always based on knowledge and experience. CNBC can say what they want - for CNBC to produce an hour-long documentary on firearms is the intellectual equivalent of me trying to understand the mathematical model of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, then turning around and trying to teach it to a group of Kalihari bushmen.

Response #1:

The Remington 700 is the gold standard of military sniper rifles.

I personally own 2 Remingtons; the R-11 (modern replica of the M1911 they produced during WWI) and the venerable 870 12-gauge shotgun. Remingtons are excellent firearms - the highest quality.

In fact, I recommend the Remington 870 to all my clientele for home & facility security. How can anyone bust the M870? It has established itself as the military and police standard shotgun - versatile, robust and completely utilitarian; the warrior's shotgun.

Response #2:

What do a bunch of journalists know about guns?

Answer: 2 things- A) Jack, and B) sh*t.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    I have owned a Remington 870 Police that I bought in the late 80's at the local rod and bottle when I was stationed in Germany. I still have that gun, it is the oldest gun(length of ownership) that I have. It has been totally reliable, totally dependable. the only thing that I did to it was add a magazine extension and a sling that has a couple of first aid pouches full of slugs and a side stock ammo carrier. That is it. It even now performs duty by my bedside, it will be the first thing I grab along with a flashlight if things go "bump" in the night. With firearms, you get what you pay for. I will spend the money for a quality firearm.

  2. Sean,

    This is by far the coolest post I have seen!