Sunday, April 15, 2012


Explosion and gunfire heard in the diplomatic area of central Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan — A series of blasts have gone off in a neighborhood of the Afghan capital that is home to embassies and a NATO forces base. Sunday's explosions were followed by gunshots. The site of the blast was not immediately clear. Sirens could be heard through the Wazir Akbar Khan neighborhood. Pedestrians in the streets took cover as shooting continued.

At least seven large explosions and automatic gunfire rocked the central diplomatic area of Kabul and embassy alarms were sounding. Gunfire appeared to be coming from various directions in the heavily barricaded diplomatic area of central Kabul close to both the U.S. and British embassies.
Neither embassy were immediately available to comment.

Multiple blasts and gunfire have been heard in the center of the Afghan capital Kabul. The central district is home to a number of international embassies, although the site of the violence is unclear. Residents were reportedly running for cover and sirens wailing in the Wazir Akbar Khan district.

Unconfirmed twitter activity:

thomas_wiegold ‏ @thomas_wiegold RT @ruthowen: Zanbaq square near German embassy, on the way to GMIC and MOFA. Apparently attacks in Karte Se, Darulaman Road also. #Kabul

Omid Farooq ‏ @OmidFarooq 4 heavy explosions happened in Zanbaq Square near to Kabul Star hotel #ToloNews

Kabul Pressistan ‏ @Pressistan Kabul attack update: Kabul Star hotel on Charhi Zanbaq is on fire. More gunshots and blast are heard

Kabul Pressistan ‏ @Pressistan More gunfire and blasts. Witnesses say it's near Kabul Star hotel near camp eagers, palace, UN office and US embassy

Graham Bowley ‏ @Graham_Bowley Exchange of gunfire in central Kabul. And more explosions. Sirens. Another bombs, shaking the windows. RPGs. Machine guns.

Reuters India ‏ @ReutersIndia FLASH: Loud explosions rock central Kabul, sporadic gunfire continuing: Reuters witnesses

Kabul Pressistan ‏ @Pressistan Kabul incident update: More witnesses report "blast and gunshots" in Kabul's Wazir Akbar Khan area

Comment: Is this coordinated attack the opening gambit of a major Spring Offensive, or has the enemy "shot their wad" with this operation? What did our people know about this, and how soon did they know it? If we didn't know about this in advance: WHY NOT?


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  1. 2nd wave of attacks now running - 16 blasts in last 12 minutes

    3 insurgents collected from second wave

    Serana held defense - two insurgents collected from their now being interogated.

    Karim Khalili - appeared prime target but was secondary

    Mil - Request to all persons keep comms to minimum so as to allow mil-com to monitor chatter

    Rangers providing overwatch to WEazir area - ANF pulling back

    Airport closed to civilian and being used to re-stock attack heli

    38 known dead to date plus 8 ANF Mil-Pol - no head count on insurgents

    Full curfew at 21:30 Zulu