Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My good friend Skullhead is refering to the comment trail beneath LISSEN UP: THE SERGEANT-MAJOR SENDS where I pointed out:

"Throughout Ronald Reagan's administration a highly effective covert operation was mounted against the personalities and organizations involved in the bombings of the US Embassy and the Marine barracks (both in Beirut). This included pressure on the organizations involved in the kidnapping of US diplomats & scholars in Beirut. When I say pressure I mean triggers were pulled and results were not publicized; silence was maintained regarding these operations, which is why they were so effective." -S.L.

OK I'll let the man who was there on the ground with the plan tell his story. Over to you, Skull:

ok so you do know what we did with the middle east after the iran incendent. have not seen to much come out obout that over the years no worries they are better at keeping their mouth shut than other people we know. i can say yes we did actively work these cases and if they had let us continue we would not be in this boat. it suprises me as well olly seems to have able to main stream himself and not say a word about things. i am still to this day most impressed with him. anyway interesting reading, yes most lifer sgts do have a way with words and putting it on the table like it should be. most officers are over educated and a waste of good space on an aircraft.

on another subject the shooting in sanford is not a racial issue they made it one and most of the people complaining and causing problems dont even live here and as usual collage kids think they are right and everbody else is wrong. believe me if there was a case the man would be in jail for sure. and for the record any fight is for your life because anytime someone attacks another person there is a chance of a death. ie saw 2 12 year old kids fighting one fell to the ground and the other kick him in the head, the boy died next day in hospital. (was friends with my kid) the aggressure was charged with the crime, the 2 were best freinds and were arguing over who skated better. point being death is never an accident there is always cause and effect. the problem here is some one wants a racial issue and they are not getting their way. besides in orlando and surrounding areas we are averaging 3 to 4 shootings a day, 75 percent involve young black males. dont see the white cummunity out protesting for their rights and safety. by what has come out looks like the young man tried to attack the armed citizen and paid the price. i have to say i have been followed and threated by young black males more than once, if they ever decided to jump me so to speak i would defend my self by any means nessary. and believe it would be a life or death struggle this is life not UCF or WWE its real life. Race, color or creed meen nothing if you decide to take from me. There is no substute for total victory. regardless this sanford shooting is just a excuse for racial tensions and the usual suspects are checking in and collecting their share of fame. it desgracful how the public is treating this and the media has egged it on. this will turn it to some bill to limit gun ownership and make people scared to defend them self. they have a rule out as well called justifable use of deadly force, not saying go out and be the want to be policeman. i am saying stand up and be a man, if your wrong admit it and stop blaiming your problems on other people or the color of your skin. but remember if you like to fight or want to fight or attack someone it can and will cost you your life at some point. the hardest thing for any human to do is to take a life it lives with you for ever and is a heavy burden to carry for anyone. let the law work and then decide if your point of view is right or wrong, and ask youself is your opion is worth you life and physically fighting for. or maybe justice was served that night not our place to judge its the court and the law.

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  1. sorry about the spelling was doing several thing at one time, forgot the spell check key. oh well it is what it is. have fun watch your step (skullhead)