Monday, April 9, 2012


New Black Panthers Plan "Call to Action" Day Before Zimmerman Hearing

Normally this is not a political blog but this IS the blog of a security professional; I'm not alerting on the specifics of the Trayvon Martin situation down in Florida but the fallout. Nobody knows for sure what happened - I'm sure Zimmerman himself is going through a lot of self-doubt and inner turmoil himself over this thing. We have seen conflicting accounts emerge from law enforcement and eyewitnesses and - significantly - we have seen doctored 911 tapes and security videotape emerge not from radical sources but from the mainstream media; I'm not going to name names but their intials are NBC.

Regardless of the facts of the situation, political actors have emerged to exploit and capitalize on the incident - the usual gang; Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the New Black Panthers, and now the Nazis have emerged from their holes to patrol the streets of Sanford, Florida. None of these people have an interest in any kind of justice - if that was their motivation they would be calling for calm - they represent a 21st century lynch mob. It is the mob scenario that I address.

A mob is a crowd that develops a sort of collective mind of its own - a brutal id representative of the ugliest, most primitive savagery of which human beings are capable. Never mind if the Black Panthers are small in actual number or even if their intentions are completely above-the-board and legit, let us not forget we are talking about revolutionary players here. It is not the uniformed members of the NBP that concern me; it is is the crowds they will generate and the potential for those crowds to be manipulated by forces that seek to spread chaos and violence. Recall the 'flashmob' phenomenon of last summer.

As you contemplate the flashmob scenario, try to imagine who benefits from chaos and confusion; and who possesses the ability to turn a peaceful protest into an angry, violent mob and to focus and direct that violence.

Meanwhile, the national leadership is notably silent. Where is the President of the United States on this? If anyone could effectively connect with the angry black community and call out for calm on this issue, one would thing it would be Barack Hussein Obama. The only comment I recall coming from Obama identified with the political focal point and only helped fuel the outrage. Where is there any kind of leadership? This thing has an absolute potential to get real ugly, real fast - it is a boil that needs to be lanced - and the surgeon is out to lunch.

It is going to be a long, hot political summer, people. Brace yourselves.


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  1. No school Um....its Spring Break.

    FAIL. At least in Virginia.

  2. Well, I suppose its overdue...

  3. I do recall reading somewhere that our president stated, "if I had a son he would look like Trayvon" not too helpful

  4. It's funny in a very sad way. Obummer seems to assume when the race war he is fomenting breaks out all of the conservatives are just gonna roll over. He seems to forget that we have most of the firearms and training.
    I'll take my chances with the M1A and a fortified position against a mob anyday.


  5. Excellent article. Posted it on my deceased husband's FB page because it will weed out the men from the boys. And personally, I have no time to toilet train boys.