Tuesday, April 17, 2012


StormBringer is a hobby; because of the situation down at Ft. Bragg this will be a busy & confusing week for me - in the meantime it is an honor and a privilege to post NRA material - S.L.

The issue at hand is anti-gun, agenda-driven journalism that we are constantly inundated with. We know the 870 is a good gun, and gun owners know that too, but the fact that our media is constantly trying to over sensationalize these types of stories is ignorant and dangerous, and so we’ve decided to take a stand.

Remington Responds to Yeger Case

Private gun ownership is a sentiment that is very strong with me - I am an immigrant to the US; Australian born, grew up overseas in post-colonial Southeast Asia. I'd handled .22's and 12-guage pump shotguns but it wasn't until I was fifteen the first time I fired a .45 and I thought the world was coming to an end. Circumstances brought me to America, and I found my way into the Army. That was how I became an American - I'd already been on Airborne status 3 years and made sergeant before I took my Oath of Citizenship in Raleigh, North Carolina. More significant than that brief ceremony was what serving as an Infantryman in the 82d Airborne taught me about being an American. I learned to appreciate that America is about freedom - the freedoms esconced in the Bill of Rights. And of all the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights, the 2d Amendment is the most important - because it guarantees all the rest.

The Remington 870 is the ultimate 12-guage pump shotgun - every lawman & warrior knows that; the NBC campaign is not directed toward us; it is directed toward other liberals and their political tools in Washington. Nonetheless we must always counter their anti-gun propaganda.

NBC's Agenda

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