Tuesday, April 24, 2012


“NBC Doesn’t Hesitate to Edit the Truth”

NBC’s report on several popular Remington products failed to mention critical facts. One example is their presentation of evidence regarding Russell Chaney. By presenting viewers with a one-sided version of events, NBC sensationalized tragedy while ignoring other important, readily available information.

Remington is actively working to take a stand against the inaccurate reporting demonstrated by NBC and the mainstream media in general – specifically the reports that portray the firearms industry in a negative light. In order to do this, we have “NBC’s Anti-Gun Agenda” series this week - to unite the industry to push back against this very dangerous agenda. This is the next edition from the series “NBC Doesn’t Hesitate to Edit the Truth” - how NBC blatantly leaves out information denoted in depositions and important documents to portray a one-sided view of the Chaney case.

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  1. NBC doesn't hesitate to edit the truth of it will further an agenda. NBC has no credibility with anyone except with kool-aid drinking Obama supporters.

  2. Obama is trying to do something about Gun control.