Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Benghazi in 4 Simple Words: You. Watched. Them. Die.

It's not really all that complicated. Four simple words sum it up.

"Forget you" is taken from the book How to Survive in Your Native Land by James Herndon (originally published in 1971) who said that "Forget You" is a much more powerful & dismissive indictment than FU.

Thanks - and cheers - to latest member of Team SturmBringener: "Sporf"



  1. "We ain't gonna take you
    Never did and never will
    We're not gonna take you
    We forsake you
    Gonna rape you
    Let's forget you better still."

    -- Pete Townshend, from "Tommy"

  2. I now call him the "Benghazi Chicken" or "The Muslim Cock
    Sucker" i am 63yrs old and i dont think i have ever seen such a miserable exscuse for a man in my whole life!

  3. Don't hold it back AJ - it's no good to internalize all that emotion. Let it out. Tell us how you really feel.
    - S.L.