Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Better to Die a Hero Than Live a Coward"

Charles Wooes, father of murdered Benghazi SEAL Tyrone Woods, sent this message to Barack Obama.

Yesterday, former National Security Adviser Bud McFarlane added this on Obama’s non-response to the Benghazi 9-11 terrorist attack:

“To have known what he had available, to have known that Americans were under fire, and to have done nothing, is dereliction of duty that I have never seen in a Commander in Chief from a president of any party. Outrageous.”

The Story Refuses to Die

The deaths in Benghazi hang like an albatross about the neck of the Obama Administration - and we all know where the buck stops there.

Or should.

The second half of this disgraceful saga is the incredible complicity of the mainstream media in the cover-up and kool-aid fueled shape-shifting storychanging aspect of the official party line.

Yesterday's post BENGHAZIGATE took me several days to put together, weed through all the "Bravo Sierra" - a quick internet check shows the story as we see it is beginning to emerge on the Lamestream outlets - New York Times, CNN, CBS, etc.

This is because on any given day, more people watch Fox and listen to Rush Limbaugh than all the other outlets COMBINED. What that means is Fox - and Rush - are not "extreme right wing." It means they are, by default, middle of the road.

This is because America is a Conservative country. In fact, what passes for liberal policies over here are considered conservative in the rest of the world.

A great man once said:

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

Take heart, people; we are winning. Good men are NOT doing nothing - the after-the-fact collaborators and perpetrators of the mess in Benghazi will answer for their transgressions.



  1. I hope. I hope. I hope that this brings the obama cartel down. We are fighting the MSM which is now without shame or excuse in obama's corner 100%. It is tough to get the word out to people whose interest and knowledge of govt., politics and economy is way behind American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. sadly they vote and their vote is based on a few sound bites they catch on TV news. One more week and we will know if America will stop at the abyss or if the Spirit of 1776 is history.

  2. Thank you for the analysis based upon your experience. That's rare these days to have expert comment. Your comment that Fox news and Rush have more audience than the Networks is telling and hopefully translates into conservative voters. JPB