Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Even a hurricane won't keep the Honor Guard from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

SitRep FrankenStorm Sandy:

I live on a hill with no trees adjacent to the house so flooding is not an issue and the only wind damage I expect is possibly some roofing shingles. The big concern is the effect of all this rain on the soil around tree root structures + constant strong winds = trees falling on power lines.

The result of power lines going down is overload to systems, then breakers & fuses popping at main line transformers and switches. We expect to lose power - how long it will be out depends on how fast crews can make repairs, and priority to the line branch that services our little cluster of houses.

When (not if) we lose power, we also lose water (my house is on a well+pump system). At this time I have >25 gallons of water for cooking, cleaning & flushing toilets. If power stays off beyond 48 hours ( down in North Carolina we went without power for 10 days after the hurricane in 1996) there is a creek that runs down the bottom of my property and we can filter & purify- not a problem.

We have 7 days non-perishable food on hand, medical supplies capable of minor surgery (just ask the dog), both vehicles & the tractor fueled up + 10 gallons of gas on hand, chainsaw fueled up & lubed, 1000s of rounds of rifle, shotgun & pistol ammunition (for post-disaster breakdown of law & order), 3 bottles of whiskey, 8 bottles of wine, a case of Guiness Stout and a case of Coors.

Be advised when we lose power, we lose internet connectivity but I can still post via cell phone. At some point we cannot charge our cellphones. I have a solar panel arrangement for recharging cellphones but it requires direct sunlight.

At this time my only real concern is will the booze hold out.



  1. Yep, sounds like you are dug in well. Only 1000 rds of ammo. Oh well, I guess you are not of the "pray and spray" generation(Vietnam). Good luck to you. I have friends in the area around Bragg. I'm sure they are prepared.

  2. I look forward to your blog evry day! Thank you for staying in the fight.

  3. TomR armed in Texas: Read it again - that's "1000s" of rounds - we're talking everything from .38Special / 9mm / .45ACP to 410 & 12-guage to 30-06 & .303

    We are ready, and yes you are right it is NEVER "spray & pray" - it is carefully aimed shots, controlled pairs: 2X centermass 1X to the hip to break 'em down, 2X to the pumpkin to finish 'em off.

  4. OK Storm. Yep, you are ready. I should have read better. My big sin was to think a fellow SFer didn't own the other half of Federal Ammo. I think we can catch 'em in a crossfire between the Tarheel State and the Lone Star State. We win!

  5. the beer stash sounds kinda low.

  6. Coors? I am starting to disbelieve that you're from Australia if you classify that as beer. Or is it a barter item that you'll trade off, while keeping the Guinness for your own consumption?

    A trick I learned after the Icestorm of '98, when the power goes out turn off the valve on the supply line to the toilet. This saves the 10 - 20 gallons of potable water in the pressure tank for drinking. After flushing the toilet refill the tank with non-potable water from an alternate source, such as the creek you mentioned, a rain water barrel or in my case ice placed in buckets near the woodstove to melt. Save the potable water for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, etc...


  7. God speed.