Sunday, October 7, 2012


I had a problem, and I should have read my own blog first.

It all started a little over a week ago; I came home from the office and jumped right into preparing chili for dinner. Everybody likes the way I make chili. Well I should have changed out of my work clothes first; the inevitable happened and I splattered a bit of chili on the front of my business shirt.

THEN I decided to change out of my work clothes, of course.

One thing I like about being retired from active duty is that - even though there is a uniform in the corporate world - I get to design my own uniform.

After I washed the shirt, the stain was still there. So instead of putting it in the dryer, I zapped it with whatever laundry products I could find in the laundry room, and washed it again.

No luck - the stain was still there.

SO - I zapped it again, ran it through the wash cycle again. Still no luck.

Then I put my thinking bone on it and in a FLASH OF GENIUS I reached over to the shelf for my trusty can of WD-40 and gave those pesky stains a couple of good squirts, both front and back.

That did the trick!

SO . . . when it was all over, I went over to the STORMBRINGER machine and dialed in WD-40 and lo and behold . . . there it was, bigger than Stuttgart:

WD-40 uses: #13. Removes tomato stains from clothing.

There's even a pretty hot Bird linked on that page, to boot.



  1. #44. When paired with a barbeque lighter, it makes a splendid mini-flamethrower, spectalularly suited for eliminating cockroaches infesting the darker nooks and crevices of military metal wall lockers in garden spots like Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Okinawa.
    And without burning down the barracks.


  2. Impressive! It's not even it's purpose but it exceeded even those substances that were made to do it. I wonder what other purposes will this wonderful lubricant serve in the future. A lot have been discovered but there are still more that are being discovered!

    Alphonse Daigle