Monday, October 8, 2012


Not 1940-44; this is today, now. The terror bombing of Ashdod, Israel - six rockets incoming from Gaza. When your town is hit by rockets, this is what life under fire is like:


  1. Its looking like it is time for the I.A.F. to start loading up some napalm and return the favor. Especially since the Bad guys do not care where their stuff lands. The bottom line the Bad guys have not bled enough to want peace so they will continue doing this nonsense. You have to destroy your enemies will to fight before you can have a chance at a long term peace.

  2. TomR armed in TexasOctober 8, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    I sure am glad our MSM is right on top of this and letting the American public know what is happening(sarcasm).

    When Isreal decides it's time to unload on these asswipe muslims, it will be an enjoyable event. Next target for GBUs - Dearborn.

  3. If this happened *once* to a U.S. city we'd either be announcing carpet bombing, or the president's impeachment. Followed by carpet bombing.

    The second time, the armed mob headed over the border to straighten things out would make the CG of the 82d AB Div think twice before settling on not interfering.
    The offending locale would displace Carthage as a cautionary tale about every building burned down, inhabitants eliminated, every animal slaughtered, and the fields sown with salt.

    There wouldn't be a third time.


  4. What was it the widow of the SEAL said?
    Oh yeah, kill the savages. It's hard to argue with that when they do what they do on a daily basis. It's a disgusting culture.

  5. Without us?
    As evidenced by 19 jihadi asshats hijacking American airliners filled with American passengers and crashing them into American buildings on American soil?

    Nobody was mongering any pro-war propaganda. The jackholes in Gaza seem to be perfectly capable of lobbying for an epic slapdown all by themselves. Most sensible folks just hope they get it before the holidays.

    Perhaps you could sit on 60 pounds of exploding black powder, and then lecture the rest of us on how the experience differs from 250 lbs of HE. It's about as sensible as arguing that a mass murderer using a .22 isn't as serious as one using a .44 magnum.