Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm on the road, catching a minute here in the airport to update SB.

Bottom Line Up Front:

What we are witnessing in Algeria is the direct result of the Obama / Hillary cabal's failed policies in Libya - the Arab Spring in general and Benghazi in particular. The terrorists' weaponry & funds came directly from Tuareg mercenaries returning home to Timboktu from Libya following the fall of their patron Ghaddafi; and their chutzpah to conduct such an operation was energized by Washington's quibbling and failure to follow the lethal attack on our consulate Benghazi.

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I've been busy with continuing updates on the hostage crisis in Algeria. While the president parties, Americans are dying, and he's not even made a speech to the nation. He could have done that over the weekend and still had plenty of time to suck Michelle's toes, or whatever the hell it is that collectivist presidential freaks do.

Anyway, here's some of the updates. There's lots of developments.

See, "Terror Threat Prompts U.S. Rethink on Africa."

Also, "Algeria Terrorists Had Help From Inside," and "Charred Bodies: Horrific Images From Algerian Hostage Massacre Emerge."

More, "Algeria Hostage Massacre: First British Victim Named as Paul Thomas Morgan."

More here, "War Against al-Qaeda in Africa Could Take Decades."

Plus, "Jihadists' Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring."


Like I said I'm on the road haven't had time to properly analyze the events over in the North African Mahgreb other than to say this has aspects of Pearl Harbor to it - I'll explain:

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was the direct result of the US and British coal, oil and steel embargo on Japan. In hindsight, what followed made perfect sense. Likewise the events we are witnessing in Algeria; the West proclaims war on the Fundamentalist Islamic presence in Northern Mali, and so Al Qaeda In the Mahgreb (AQIM) made their move. The tactic of course is terror - pure, unadulterated violence, extremely horrific and cruel - on defenseless civilians, but the objective is purely strategic.

I know this area, spent six months right there in '04; before 9/11 I spent a year in the Mahgreb and for most of that time I was the only US serviceman in country. Resources are scarce in this harsh environment. Military operations in this vast area are mobilized guerrilla warfare - Toyota HiLux "technicals" - long range operations onto pinpoint targets, with no attempt to hold terrain or individual objectives.

Life in the Sahara is harsh - those people are already living at the survival level. They have little opportunity to look forward to in this life and not much to lose; subsequently they make perfect guerrillas. They are emboldened by our lack of response, and we can expect more events like this one, and Benghazi, in the months and years to come.

My heart goes out to the hostages - especially the poor souls who perished - and to their families.



  1. Mali is in France's back yard and they should fix it up.

    They run the show down there. They provide all of the aid, control the currency, buy all of the bananas etc...

    The President of Mali was foolish enough to send too much of his country's wealth to Geneva, spend too little on his military and too little on his own people. Result: no bread and circuses plus useless security forces = coup d'Etat. France should send in the Legionaries to kill the rebellion, arrange the President to be exiled to the cote d'Azur or elsewhere and put some other bastard in charge who has a correct sense of his own self preservation.

    As to the unspeakable barbarity of the hostage takers in Algeria, it does not surprise me one bit. However, the army in Algeria can be relied upon to use whatever method is required to put these people down. Western govermnents' travel advice has been against going to Algeria at all for over a decade. This kind of action against the only kind of investors in that country (resource extraction) will be punished utterly ruthlessly by the Algerian government.

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