Thursday, January 31, 2013


Law professor defends call to 'give up' on Constituti​on

Georgetown Law Professor Mike Seidman explains radical suggestion to fix America's political system, scrap the US Constitution. He claims it is out of date, drawn up by men who were a small number of people who did not represent the whole United States. He says they are dead so it is time to get rid of their "outdated" ideas and even racial ideas.

Watch the video but try to stay calm . . . watch it all.

OK now consider: if they actually did what this loon is calling for; he & his kind would be the first ones rolled up & "taken care of" . . .

So which part of the Bill of Rights do we ditch first? How about FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Let me tell you something: if this A-hole suggested this sort of thing in ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH he would be thrown in prison.

I saw such a thing happen in Australia . . . a law professor - like this dumbass - thrown in prison for REFUSING TO VOTE . . . followed on short order by a guy getting his passport confiscated and not allowed to travel outside of Australia . . . because he was a HARE KRISHNA . . .

Hell-O-O-O . . . 'Freedom of Religion' anybody? Don't get me started about their gun laws Down Under . . .

My Uncle Guy used to say it about the Australians, and now I'm saying it: America is wasted on the Americans . . . I'm sorry people this country has gone completely over to the Moron Class . . .



  1. There's a term for that.

    1. if only everyone believed in getting rid of the constitution would only cede their constitutional rights...yo know lead by example....semper fi

  2. Skipped the video, but sedition requires advocating armed overthrow.
    This douchebag, at least in his prior column, just wants us to vote ourselves into getting rid of it, which is absolutely legal and protected by the very Constitution he'd subvert. Just like flag-burning. Which makes the overwhelming desire to punch him in the nose my default response.

    (Then again, if asked to rule, one would think that a law to invalidate the Constitution would be held prima facie to be unconstitutional, but you can see where those hopes got us with cases like Obamacare and Kelo.)

    Congrats SL on finding the person who most personifies the phrase "Some people are alive simply because it's illegal to kill them."

  3. This guy is a constitutional professor??

  4. Yup.

    Just like Obama.

    And I mean that in every possible sense of interpretation.