Friday, January 18, 2013


"The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." -Thomas Jefferson

In his speech Wednesday Obama proposed 23 executive orders concerning gun control measures. Reaction has focused mostly on a proposed ban on so-called "assault weapons" & high-capacity magazines. Other proposals include enhancing the Federal government's access to background checks - personal information on private citizens that is currently not available to the Federal government, short of a search warrant or an indictment.

These measures are extreme enough as it is, but more sinister are measures written into ObamaCare; i.e. the safety of the public requires that doctors question patients about gun ownership. Information being sought includes what kind of weapons are present in the home, how are the stored and/or secured, and do any members of the household suffer a mental condition?

A mental condition can be anything from schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, to alcohol abuse (ever had a DUI?), anger management (ever had a domestic abuse call from the cops?) to PTSD manifested by as mild a thing as sleep disorder (who DOESN'T have THAT).

If it is determined that a member of the household suffers a mental condition, the new bureaucracy of shared patient information will inform the Center for Disease Control of this move. A letter will then be sent to your attention from the CDC, the ATF or the DOJ demanding your home immediately be cleared of the weapons known to exist there thanks to an ObamaCare initiated, doctor-patient interview in which you participated!

Rather than decide which guns we’ll not be permitted to own, the government will simply not allow us to own ANY!


If your healthcare provider asks anything regarding firearms in your home, simply reply, "I don't wish to discuss this subject." Or you can outright lie, if you like. You're not under oath or indictment; you are not required to say anything.

Regarding so-called "assault weapons" (I say so-called because none of the arms Liberals refer to qualify according to the pure military definition) and high capacity magazines; Obama's proposals will not affect me - I pack a .45 (7-round magazine) and my weapon of choice for home defense - or the car - is 12-guage pump shotgun; legal in all 50 states incredibly enough and more lethal than a semi-automatic rifle, at close range.

As usual Obama doesn't know what he's talking about. This thing is going to backfire in his face so bad. The Dems know that gun bans are a non-starter; they're using this thing to paint Republicans as intransigent for the upcoming spending/budget battles.

In other words if banning guns was so important why didn't the Democrats do it when they controlled Congress? The answer is because they know it would have cost them the election, just like the Clinton assault rifle ban cost them the House in '94.

Liberals focus on what they call "assault rifles" - civilianized versions of military weapons which are simply semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity magazines - because they look evil. The challenge is that the 2d Amendment allows us to arm ourselves in self-defense - a fundamental human right - and the type of weapons addressed are specifically weapons suitable for a battlefield.

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth." -George Washington

Consider the 1992 Rodney King race riots in L.A. The only shops that survived the savage onslaught were Korean-owned businesses. The reason why the Koreans survived is because they are very organized; every Korean community has a Korean Association. Almost every Korean businessman has served in the ROK military, and as any American who has pulled duty in the Republic of Korea will tell you, ROK soldiers are the toughest on Earth and THEY DO NOT F*CK AROUND.

The Korean merchants of East L.A. armed themselves with their legally-acquired AR-15s, Mini-14s and Remington 870s, and manned their grocery stores and laundromats. When the looters came to Korea Town, they were met by volleys of rifle and shotgun fire.

I toured the riot-hit neighborhoods of East L.A. and downtown Hollywood not long after the riots and saw for myself the damage the inhabitants had brought upon themselves. What stood out was the Korean businesses. There were some broken windows and some incidental fire damage from adjacent structures, but it was remarkable to see these islands of civilization amongst the rubble and the burnt out storefronts.

Moral of the story: arm yourself with as many guns as you can get your hands on and keep them as close to yourself as possible. The right to self-defense is derived from Deity, it is natural law, codified in our Constitution, passed by Congress, ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."



  1. I heard a story (don't know if it is true or not) but the person went in to see his doctor and was promptly asked if he owned any guns and if so, what kind of guns. After a slight pause the patient asked if the doctor's wife gave him oral sex that morning. Shocked by the answer, the doctor said that that wasn't any of the patient's business. The patient answered well whether I have any guns isn't any of your business


  2. Being an L.A. resident for both sets of riots, including the latter day one, it's worth mentioning that after the Koreans first took to their business rooftops armed for business, the local wankers of the LAPD arrived, bypassing rampaging hordes of arsonists and looters, told the businessmen their vigilante behavior was right out of bounds (as gunfire and bonfire raged within earshot in all directions), and disarmed the lot of them.

    Whereupon the businessmen went home immediately, got their second and third guns out, and climbed back up on their businesses and continued their original defense.

    No one saw the idiots from LAPD again (they having retreated to protect the bus depot and Dodger Stadium) until after 1st Div Marines from Camp Pendleton re-established actual order and civility some 3 days later, mainly by their Desert Storm vets responding to incoming gunfire by returning it with full auto a few times (novel concept to LAPD brass when there are armed urban yutes involved, apparently). After which everyone involved decided rather abruptly they had enough free Nike shoes and TVs, declared the party over, and went home, allowing the CA NG, newly supplied with actual ammunition for their previously unloaded weapons, to take over the duty of civic oversight while the fire department set about putting out a few thousand fires.

    It's further worth mentioning that once the public was fully aware that the powers in charge had lost all control of most of the city (within a few hours), the city council and mayor immediately ordered all sales of weapons and ammunition embargoed until further notice (we'll ignore for a moment the futility of running into the state's 10-day wait for any firearm). Thus providing a revenue boon of SRO crowds buying ammo in adjoining cities not possessed of asinine police forces, fully willing to shoot looters, and similarly untroubloed by jackassical emergency ordinances seeking to leave the citizenry helpless during a crisis. Curiously, arson and looting in the nearby municipalities was virtually non-existant, doubtless by pure coincidence.

    The only real pity about the riots was that once the mob had tipped over the parking guard's booth outside LAPD's Parker Center HQ, they didn't storm inside and finish the job. It might've given the dept. the much-needed enema it deserved, and enabled wiser leadership to salvage the city.
    Instead, it's pretty much an open-air sewer now. Imagine Detroit by the Pacific Ocean, and you've about got it.

  3. Actually Sean, some shotguns are in trouble with this bill. Any that can hold over 10 rds are verbotten, so no keltec ksg or utas 15 or SRM-16. Also any that can hold more than 7 rds(but less than 10) and accidentally get loaded full(thinking of my mossberg 590 or 930 shotties here) can get you in trouble.
    Even worse if they get sneaky and use the centurion 2" 12ga shells to determine how many your shotgun can hold.


  4. As you note, the 2nd Amendment does not grant me my right to keep and bear arms.

    That right is mine by birth (or God, The Creator, if you like). The 2nd Amendment is merely my own government acknowledging that fact.