Monday, January 14, 2013


The right to arm & defend oneself, family & community is a basic, fundamental human right - the 2d Amendment of the US Constitution reflects this, and takes it a step further; the citizenry has the right to arm itself and form up in militias as a defense against tyranny.

The 2d Amendment addresses this specific scenario - it does not mention hunting or defense against criminals.

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The right to bear arms and/or state militias are important for one or more of these purposes:
  • deterring tyrannical government
  • repelling invasion
  • suppressing insurrection
  • facilitating a natural right of self-defense
  • participating in law enforcement
  • enabling the people to organize a militia system

Instead of banning military-style "assault" weapons, I say it should be a requirement for all lawful, taxpaying (mentally cognizant) citizens of military age to keep & maintain a military assault rifle and double basic issue of ammunition, and to complete training, annually and semi-annually. Just like in Switzerland.

Instead of disarming the law-abiding citizenry, concealed carry of all types of small arms should be allowed and encouraged, with one caveat; in the interests of safety, the weapon must be carried in a "cold" configuration (loaded, full magazine but with an empty chamber). Just like in Israel.

It really is that simple.



  1. enter the fray - join the NRA

  2. More importantly, were the Congress and states to repeal the 2nd Amendment tomorrow, it would affect the basic human right to be armed NOT ONE WHIT, since the right is basic, fundamental, and inalienable, and comes along with the ability to draw breath.

    Prohibitting the exercise of such a right is helpfully a hallmark of tyranny, and such infringement not only entitles and authorizes resistance, but a prudent respect for liberty demands it.

    Attempting to make "assault" weapons illegal should be seen as an invitation to open season on tyrants with no end date and no bag limit. We tried it the other way once, for a decade, and all it got us was no effect on crime, and scarcity on the means of effective self-defense.

    Fool me once...

  3. No Aesop not one whit,But it will trigger civil war, and that after all, Is what the marxist in the whitehouse want. At this point one can only conclude that DC (A) belives we will not fight. OR (B) WANT a civil war in order to kill the constituion,and have the marxist utopia they haved dreamed of so long. We are boned ether way.

    1. I am thinking both are right, because half will not fight and the the other half will give them the reason to enact martial law so they finaly get to use the fema camps that they oddly didn't use after the hurricane. your right we are gonna be screwed either way. I pray with all my heart that OUR military remembers theit oath well. dark times

  4. I admire your point, but I just hope that those gun owners should be responsible enough with their weapons as to avoid any accidents to happen.

  5. Cold condition?
    I usually carry a wheel gun in the pocket anyways but I like having a round in the pipe when I have something else on the hip. Lifting a jacket/shirt and working the slide vs flipping the thumb up on the way out of the holster is an easy call I think. But the Izzys do it? Hard to argue with them on defense but it sounds like a compromise someone made.

  6. So you pull a list from Wikipedia of what early settlers thought were the purposes of the Second Amendment and take it as gospel truth? However, since you like Wikipedia so much, maybe you should have taken a look at their article on Switzerland's gun laws. Ammunition sales have to be recorded, and of the militia, only 2000 members of the "specialist militia" are allowed to keep government-issued ammo at their homes. They are also only required to keep their issued weapons while a member of the reserves (through age 30, or 34 for officers). Record keeping (with background checks) is also required of all private gun sales (so you could say goodbye to undocumented out-of-the-car-trunk or gun show sales). They also joined the Schengen Agreement, which required further documentation of gun sales. Do you STILL want to cite Switzerland as a model for how we should be?

  7. First of all, "Anonymous" - the Founding Fathers meant exactly what they wrote in the Bill of Rights; the Revolution wasn't fought & won because deer is so tasty, or because target shooting was a huge sport in the 13 colonies.

    Re: Switzerland - its more than 2000 "specialist militia"; a LOT more. I know, I've been to Switzerland multiple times, seen the set-up for myself, and it's more than age 30 or 34.

    ALSO - undocumented gun sales are allowed in some states but the laws still apply regarding criminals, mental cases, etc. In other words, I can sell my neighbor a rifle, but if he has a record then I just broke the law.

    Furthermore, gun show sales require purchase permits - you have to buy them in advance and clear all required background checks - the so-called "gun show loophole" is a Liberal myth.

  8. They meant what they said??? I never realized that you thought you were smarter than all the scholars and judges who have spent the last couple of hundred years debating that meaning.

    Are you trying to say that there are are no private transactions at gun shows? I suppose you're also going to tell me that private sellers (the out-of-the-car-trunk folks you didn't address) really care about who gets their guns. I guess the tactic is to call anything you don't like a "liberal myth."

    You said that Swiss of military age are required to maintain a military assault rife. I didn't disagree, but pointed out that the requirement ends when they leave the reserves. I also pointed out that there are plenty of other gun laws in Switzerland that most gun owners here in the United States would find somewhat onerous. Anyway, it looks like you just picked a couple of point with which to disagree. Doing more would have taken a bit more effort.

    You've been to Switzerland multiple times. BFD. That's no better than the "I'm not a doctor, but I've played on on television" argument. It doesn't prove anything, other than that you give yourself way too much credit.

    1. well dear, my sister IS married in switzerland her sons WERE in the military and still HAVE their guns and yes strong gun laws that Actualy get inforced, unlike here. Oh and have you forgotten real DEMOCRATHY in switzerland the PEOPLE themselves vote in laws D I R E C T L Y, NO MIDDLEMEN that say they do the peoples will and then don't.And by the way you talk I hear Left but not radical left yet. Try the middle is a nice place

  9. Other than the fact I have personal friends & business associates who are Swiss, have been to their houses, have had the situation explained to me in person.

    Let me get this straight - you're saying you're not a doctor but you played one on TV?

    BFD yerself, NumbNuts.

  10. Re: private sales.

    Depends, I guess, on where you are. Here in Indiana, as long as the buyer is not a "Prohibited Person" a sale can take place face to face as long as both parties are Indiana residents.

    Many people buy and sell at gunshows and other places.

  11. I have said this many is about "control" not guns. The elitist in their ivory tower have plans and the nasty ol Bill of Rights gets in the way. They can sugarcoat it all they want, but that what it is in a nutshell

  12. I hope the United States do not change the norms for guns. I'm Swiss (sorry for the english), my father is an specalist for guns in the army. I grow up with arms.
    Now I'm located in an elite unit (no USSOCOM ahaha only for swiss parameters) as OR-5. I think I'm good with weapons.
    I have exams next week at one of the top 15 university in the world ranking, the stress is high, but I'm not going to kill the school.
    If all is well in the brain, you know how to handle weapons, and if you have problems, you not demand the permit at the lawyer for buy.

    Greetings from a small country with many weapons and no problems

    1. High five to you, summed it up perfect, good luck

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