Saturday, January 12, 2013


. . . leaves a political statement instead of a tip . . .

We're barely into 2013, but we already have a frontrunner for the Douche of the Year award. Author Michael Kindt was at a California restaurant when he noticed that another patron left a political statement instead of a tip. The customer left a card that read: "As a direct result of …President Obama's insistence that I pay 'MY FAIR SHARE IN TAXES, I find that I must cut back on discretionary spending and gratuities," the card said. "I wish it didn't have to be this way." Here's an idea: Stay home, eat a frozen meal and post that rant online. It's just not cool to punish a restaurant employee because of your political views.

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  1. To quote Cloe Moretz aka HitGirl, "What a Douche"

  2. aaahhhh.....I'm not too sure. It seems like you can argue logic with folks all day till the cows come home...and they don't "get it". BUT, if you affect their wallet...THEN you get their attention!
    Just like the moonbats that complained about the extra taxes that came out of their paychecks the first week in January.
    So ya, it bites to be a restaurant server and serve with greatness and then you get stiffed. BUT, is that any different then what THEY did to America?


  3. Well ........... Here in Vermont the Rooms and Meals Tax is 9 percent, and the tax on alcoholic beverages is 10 percent. Because of that we dine out less often. In a way that IS taking it out on the business owner and the server. They get stuck two ways. The customer becomes more reluctant to spend $$ at a restaurant and the owner gets the "privelige" of being a tax collector for the State.

    There is also another way that the working folks get "the Big One". Because of overall sales taxes, those of us who live near the New Hampshire border do our business on the other side of the river in sales tax free NH. It's a boon to them but the Vermont folks take the hind quarter.
    Lazarus Long