Monday, January 21, 2013

OBSESSION - Radical Islam's War Against the West

"Every single country in the world is dealing with this on one level or another."

In 2003 I attended a lecture where an Agency analyst explained that the term 'Global War On Terror' was a misnomer. We are not at war against Terror, he explained; terror is a tactic. What we are engaged in at this time is a worldwide war against Fundamentalist Islam.

I was raised to respect all religions, but I recognize mass criminal insanity when I see it. Radical extremist nutjobs have hijacked what was once one of the world's great religions and have transformed it into an intolerant Religion of Terrorism; suicide bombings, mass murder, and enslavement of women.

The people depicted in this film calling for the defeat of the West are the Terrorist Enemy. We either engage them over in the sand countries, or they will emerge and prevail over here - as they have in Europe - and then it will be too late.



  1. With a sane immigration policy there is no way they can "emerge and prevail over here". End all immigration. Send all non citizens back home. No Islamic nation could invade the United States unless we invite them here. Immigration is Europe's problem too. If they had the guts to sink boats and turn back refugees then Europe would not be having the problems with Muslims either.

  2. TomR armed in TexasJanuary 21, 2013 at 6:05 PM

    Referring to them as a "religion of peace" has done nothing to lessen their hatred of us. Now we have a muslim president bringing them into America quietly by the tens of thousands from Somalia and Gaza. He labels them "refugees". BS! They will not assimilate or tolerate. Make sure you have the necessary firepower. Europe and Pakistan are coming here soon.

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  4. Another mistake and misnomer is to say these are extremists who conduct themselves with criminal insanity.

    They are following Muhammad's Qur'an and Sunna to the letter. This is not extremism, but fundamentalism.

    The fact that somehow there are those who are extremists who hate the West says that you don't understand the important facts, i.e. this is the same conduct which we have 1,400 years of history to examine for the potential outcome of doing nothing about it. Islamists make up 20% of humanity, i.e. over 1,500 million who are hell-bent to dominate the other 80% through geopolitical and other means, and a global caliphate.

    Another key fact is that these members of the cult belief system of Muhammadanism / jihad do not think or act with a rational mind. They do not respect any man made laws or Constitution. It is forbidden in their beliefs, i.e. no god but Allah, and Muhammad the prophet. It is Shari'ah.

    In every country of the world, Muhammadan Islam is responsible for 95% of murders and victimizations through violence, which you say is not terrorism, 90% of which is committed against other muslims. Additionally, in every culture this diabolical ideology is allowed to gain a foothold, and political prominence, the original culture is destroyed, and the non-Islamists are forced to flee or be subject to abuse and annihilation.

    These are facts.

    To give you one salient fact to think about, consider that out of 57 muslim majority states, not one operates in freedom with a democratic government. This would also be impossible, according to the doctrines of this cult belief system. There is no such thing as moderate Islam.

    1. I cannot understand why forces do not destroy every single tower

  5. "Radical extremist nutjobs have hijacked"

    Beg to differ. That's three erroneous facts out of four (I'll spot you that they're nutjobs).
    They aren't radical, they're mainstream.
    The mainstream isn't the extreme.
    And no hijacking was involved. They are simply taking the "radical" step of living precisely as their faith demands.

    We had another conflict once, with folks who evidenced a similarly fanatical desire to follow their faith, to the point of killing themselves just to take a few of our guys out too.

    Just like that conflict, the only satisfactory end to the current one is liable to require a high-rad count enema or twelve.

    The sooner we're rid of Hopey Dopey and his gang of clusterf****** morons at State and Defense, the sooner we can get people who realize that we're in exactly that sort of a war involved in making the necessary decisions to prosecute this one properly.

    And I note with emphasis that even FDR wasn't so foolish, stupid, or batshit crazy as to wait until Tojo had a nuke of his own before taking care of business.