Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Backfire: Collectors waved wads of cash at those in line. Mayor says "gaggles" of private gun buyers "insane"

Seven hundred and sixteen guns were collected at Saturday’s gun buyback program in Seattle. But officials say they are disturbed by the large number of private gun buyers the event attracted.

Mayor Mike McGinn says he was shocked by what he describes as the “gaggles” of private gun buyers who showed up to tempt people away from the long lines and gift cards and offer them cash for their weapons.

“We had a gun bazaar break out of the streets of Seattle outside of a gun buyback. That was just insane."

These deals are legal and don’t need any background checks. McGinn says lawyers are looking into whether the city has any authority to prevent private buyers from setting up shop right next to any future buyback events.

Schuyler Taylor, a previous gun retailer attending the event in hopes of buying weapons, asked “Why not offer them cash versus a gift card? I’m still taking the guns off the streets; they’re just going in my safe.”

The saying goes: "Put a bag of shit in front of a Liberal and they will step in it every time."



  1. In the Public Sector versus the Free Market fight. The smart money is always on the Free Market!

  2. And don't forget that this happened in uberliberal Seattle!
    It also is obvious that it scared the bejeebers out of hoplophobes like the mayor.

    Is there anyone out there who tracks these 'buyback' programs so that law abiding Citizens can perform similar actions where they are legally entitled to do so? I ain't rich by and means but I could scrape up a few bucks to participate for some 'collectibles' ;-)

  3. One guy got a couple of .22's and an M1903A3 Springfield for $250! The Springfield looked to be in excellent shape.