Friday, June 21, 2013


Junior's Bullet Pens - proceeds go to families of fallen military & wounded disabled veterans.

Junior’s Bullet Pen Company is dedicated to one of our fallen heroes, Staff Sergeant Chris Falkel, KIA, of the 3d Special Forces Group.

I met Chris's Dad this week at Fort Bragg, and he told me the story of his son, and the Bullet Pens.

SSG Chris "Junior" Falkel was weapons sergeant Operational Detachment "Alpha" 316. Between 7–9 August, 2005, Chris and his Special Forces team were involved in a 54 hour battle “that will live in the annals of Special Forces history. On the evening of 8 August 2005, Chris paid the ultimate price and died saving the lives of his team and 16 members of the Afghan National Army attached to ODA 316. SSG Chris Falkel was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery and heroism.

In early 2005, Chris attended Special Operations Target Interdiction Course – SOTIC - the Special Forces sniper school. After he graduated, Chris shared with his Dad the concept of making pens out of 7.62 NATO shell casings - the round used in US sniper rifles. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to make a bullet pen because shortly thereafter Chris deployed to Afghanistan for his fateful Rendezvous With Destiny.

Chris's Dad thought about Chris’ dream of making a “bullet pen” for a couple of years, and ultimately Junior’s Bullet Pen Company was created. These pens are dedicated to his son.

Most of the brass used to make Junior’s Bullet Pens is once-fired military brass.

Junior’s Bullet Pen Company is Veteran owned. Foundations supported by Junior's Bullet Pens include:

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Task Force Dagger Foundation

Fallen Heroes Project

Operation Shower

Green Beret Foundation

Remembering The Brave

Worldwide Rangers Inc.

When you buy a Bullet Pen, you help support a U.S. veteran and/or his or her family. If you are a veteran, you have just supported yourself.



  1. I just bought three of them.
    Thanks for the post:)

    1. Thank you for supporting these noteworthy causes, and for helping me to honor the Fallen.

  2. A very worthy cause, we will always remember a true American Hero Sergeant Chris Falkel,RIP.

  3. Malcolm Kirke, Ayr, Qld, Australia.June 22, 2013 at 4:54 AM

    Very happy to support the memory of Sgt Chris Falkel and his fellow veterans and families. Many of our Australian forces members are also serving proudly in various theatres of conflict alongside your people

  4. Yes - and as an Australian ex-patriate myself I fully support Australian and all of the great Commonwealth family of nations. Please refer to:

    Thanks, S.L.