Sunday, June 23, 2013


. . . are the two things we are never to discuss in the corporate environment, or in the Masonic Lodge. This morning I somehow managed to piss off a Buddhist - how is that even possible? - S.L.

Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok, Thailand

A reader in Finland pinged me on Twitter, asked what I meant when I discuss having Viking blood? I explained that my Viking blood comes from the Norsemen who occupied Ireland and France. I have dark brown hair, almost black, dark brown piercing eyes, and olive skin; as close to a true Celt as what exists these days, but there are many fair redheads in my family; the Viking genes are in my family.

To me, Vikingism is a part of my personal religion; a blend of Vikingism, Buddhism & Christianity: they are complete opposites but to me, that's the way it is. I respect the old gods Thor & Odin and I honestly believe there is Valhalla for fallen warriors.

I am 6'2", 220 lbs, broad across the shoulders like a footballer. I pump iron, practice martial arts and weapons training. Viking.

I am a Viking in that I am a professional soldier always looking for a good deal; a laissez-faire capitalist who believes the rules are made to be broken, that if you ain't cheating you ain't trying and if you get caught, you ain't trying hard enough.

I was raised in Southeast Asia and learned to respect Buddha. I believe in reincarnation even though it is incongruent with Christianity. I'll let Jesus judge me on that on the Judgement Day. As a Buddhist, I believe in reincarnation; although I don't believe that we can have any direct memories of our previous lives. The Hindus and the Buddhists say that before we are reborn, our souls are dipped in the Sea of Forgetfulness.

Nonetheless, there are occasions where Buddhist priests and mystics have visions of people's previous lives. When I was in Jerusalem, I felt a vividly strong sensation as I walked through some of the ancient sites; I had been there before. I also can easily imagine myself in a Viking longship, sailing toward the Irish coast.

Five Greatest Viking Accomplishments

I was raised by my parents to respect all religions, although I struggle with where Islam has taken itself to now. It is a fact that I owe my life to a Muslim. I cannot be against my fellow man because of his religion, but I can say that the Muslim religion has been hijacked by a pack of psychotic homicidal maniacs.

The old, mystic Sufi-ism no longer exists; they sold out when they embraced Osama Bin Laden and the insanity of Al Qaeda. We are told that not every Muslim wants to become a terrorist but I still believe that they make the choice for themselves. Child brides and honor-killing of women are crimes against Humanity.

We Christians have a lot to answer for. Christianity did some craziness back during the Crusades - study what happened in the 13th century. Let us remember Jesus' words: "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone."

The Christian sentiment of turn-the-other-cheek, and Buddhist philosophy of nonviolence notwithstanding, this does not preclude killing in defense of one's family or nation. We must resist the Muslim encroachment for their stated goal is to kill or enslave every single one of us. We must resist Sharia with every fiber in our beings, because they wish to kill or enslave EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, possibly letting some of our females survive to use as breeders.

That, my Viking brothers & sisters is our quest, our mission: to actively resist and fight Sharia wherever and whenever this insanity presents itself, with every inch of our souls, as long as there is blood in our veins and air in our lungs.



  1. I enjoyed this column enough to come out from under the rock and say so. And now I must return... DingyRed

  2. On Christianity and the Crusades, I submit this writing to help further understand the Crusades.
    Generally your posts have great accounts and care. and I enjoy reading as a grumpy old dude of Norse ancestry....

  3. Good column !!!!!! Another round for you.

  4. On the crusades:

    In my profession, one of my guidelines is to "work in the now" - tied to it: don't apologize for what you've never done, nor expect someone to apologize for what they've not done,

    if you wish to be seen as an individual, see others as individuals - no exceptions, and

    don't confuse history with the present and claim to have suffered what you have not, nor accuse others of doing what they haven't done in history.

    Forgive as you wish to be forgiven and

    seek to understand before you seek to be understood.

    If you choose to envy you must envy the bad - seen and unseen as well as the seen good to truly envy another.

    Focus on your own flaws before you focus on others' and one of the parts I like: count your blessings.

    If we focus on the inverse of all of these things, forget what we have and look at what we don't have or others' have...we're bound to be pretty miserable. And be right where we are today.

    All lead us to work and live in the present.

    This aside - the crusades were not Christianity but rather for us: history, an ancient culture and system of government - religious and secular - that is dead now, and irrelevant to anything going on today plain and simple. (Now I can hear my liberal arts colleagues disagreeing with me - and that's why we have problems because mankind has lost the ability to discern and differentiate while working with nuance. There are resemblances it is true, but going to the above - they are dead).

    What in these religions teach us to forgive? And where can we forgive for what has not been done to us personally? There was only One who could forgive an offense that was not committed against him personally and that was because he paid the price for it.

    I believe (personally) to bring up the crusades is to simply perpetuate the problem and it isn't relevant.

    All of us are victims at some point in history - and all of us have had our land stolen at some point as well - but all of us are pilgrims on this earth and must leave the land which we did not create to those who will come after us - and none of us have standing to hold a grudge based on millenia old offenses by those who are dead and gone against those who are dead and gone.

    Leave the crusades - and every other past and ancient offense - in the past and live and work in the now. See men as men individually and completely and do good - and leave judgement to God.

  5. Yeah, it was hijacked alright.

    In the 7th century by a pedophile named mohammed.