Wednesday, June 5, 2013


One real cool reason why you need to get onto Twitter

Over six days in June, the Israeli army will reenact the 1967 war with minute-by-minute updates from the front.

Yitzhak Rabin, right, near the Western Wall in Jerusalem during the Six Day War. Photo by IDF archive

Israel Air Force fighters will land a preemptive blow on air forces of Egypt, Syria and Iraq at 7:45 on Wednesday, exactly 46 years after the start of the Six Day War that changed the face of Israel. However, this time, thankfully, the planes will take off and return safely to their bases on a special Twitter account opened by the Israel Defense Forces' Spokesperson's Unit for this purpose.

"What if the IDF had Twitter during the Six Day War?" it says in the account, @IDF1967 "In the coming days you'll know the answer. Follow us and relive history." The headline at the top of the page reveals its purpose: "The IDF is reenacting the great war for six days in June – minute by minute."

In the meantime, the soldiers working the account are awaiting zero hour and are promoting the digital war using advance tweets. "There is old media and there is Twitter. Starting from tomorrow, 46 years after the start of the Six Day War, we will reenact the big war – minute by minute," one tweet said.

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The Six Day War was phenomenal in so many ways - a quintessential blitzkrieg pulled off by survivors of the Third Reich's Final Solution, against combined Arab armies that outnumbered the Israelis a thousand-to-one. By the time it was over, the Egyptian and Syrian air forces were destroyed on the ground, and Israeli M4 "Super Sherman" tanks were slugging it out with Syrian Panzer Mark IVs up in the Golan, wreaking havoc with Egyptian T-38s, T-55s and T-62s up and down the west bank of the Suez, kicking ass and taking names. The tiny David took on the Arab Goliath and the results carried Biblical significance.



  1. Great.

    I can hardly wait to hear their Twitter re-enactment of Israel strafing, bombing, napalming, and torpedoing American sailors and the USS Liberty tomorrow, followed by repeated runs to blow off the ship's radio antennae to preclude them summoning help from the Sixth Fleet, their fragging of the sailors on deck re-raising the originally clearly visible Stars & Stripes, and machine-gunning from loitering Israeli PT boats of all the Liberty's liferafts put into the water.

    That should be some truly stirring minute-by-minute revisualization of history right there.

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  3. That's not quite how it went - as disgraceful an event as it was. Anyway we've got Jonathan Pollard and we'll never let him go because of it.