Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This is my annual pilgrimage to my adopted home town; Southern Pines, NC - S.L.

Southern Pines is an idyllic little place, almost an oasis in time & space. I first tooled through this town as a young paratrooper in the 82d Airborne Division; I thought I'd gone back in time to an English village, circa 1944. I've written about this place HERE.

This week I am attending the Soldier Equipment & Technology Expo at nearby Fort Bragg; representing my own company. It's a little side operation that I've been puttering around with since I retired from active duty; I help develop business for security equipment manufacturers, then turn around and bid on Department of Defense contracts, and get a little chunk of change for my troubles.

Times are hard and I've had my share of ups and downs in this economy. Still, people can and do make fortunes in hard times. My trouble is I'm always so busy on my adventures I've never dedicated the time and energy required to really get this thing cranking. Well five years is long enough to incubate something. Some interested parties have stepped forward and said, "Sean, it's time to sh*t or get off the pot, and we're here to help."

This time around a lot of good people are banking on ol' Stormy to make this thing work - I guess it's time to stop playing Viking Adventurer and get down to the serious business of taking care of business.


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  1. Southern Pines is a really nice area, until the golf tournaments hit. I've been to that station once or twice. My wife actually does a job or two there occasionally.