Monday, June 24, 2013


The much-vaunted novel that I've often talked about is entering a critical stage; I've got nineteen chapters knocked out - ten to fifteen pages per - although the plotline just vectored off ninety degrees so I'm dealing with that.

At the same time I just picked up a contract that will involve 12-hour days out to the end of August, 10-hour days from then till the end of November. Something's got to give. A good friend in the writing business told me that the Era of Blogging is over, that we are now in the Era of Twitter. That may be, and so I invite you to join me on my Twitterfeed: @sean_linnane

In the meantime here are some nice photos & accompanying thoughts to occupy your time - S.L.

Some Recent Acquisitions:

My part of the Great American Gun Grab of 2013.

Ruger Mini-14 and Para GI LTC

I went with the Mini-14 over an AR because of cost, and at the end of the day you get the same thing; a very business-like 5.56mm carbine that doesn't have the sinister vibe of the Little Black Devil Rifle.

My latest 1911 is the Para GI LTC, a compact version of the Para GI Expert. It came with two 8-round magazines so now I'm up to toting sixteen rounds of .45 ACP versus the twelve I used to carry for the Colt compact model. My buddy Doubletapper says he always carries two 32-round magazines for his Glock 17. I told him if I need more than sixteen rounds, I'm in the wrong movie. Doubletapper said his motto is: "It's better to run out of Tangos than to run out of ammo."

When I thought that over, it became obvious I need to beef up my concealed carry system.

Ruger 10/22, sniperized with 25 round magazine. All it takes is a coke bottle, some rubber as a bushing and a hoseclamp = Silent Death.

Para GI LTC: M1911 variant, caliber .45 ACP, alloy frame, beavertail grip safety, competition trigger, fiber optic front sight, high visibility 2-dot rear sight is drift adjustable, premium stainless steel barrel & full metal bushing, skeletonized hammer spur, black slide & frame.

The Jungle Room:

That ... THING ... in the middle of the photo is Yogi, my pet Wookie. Over to the right is Puppy Dog, border collie with human-like emotions. Tiny the Jack Russell Terrorist is burrowed deep down beneath the poncho liner.

This is where I do my contemplative thinking, and where a great deal of STORMBRINGER is written, surrounded by the souvenirs of a lifetime in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is where I am completing the aforementioned novel; there are nineteen chapters already written - I just need to tweak it a bit.

The purpose of the Warrior Gym is to transform our bodies into Living Weapons Systems:

Always keep your training areas neat & clean; this is the most important room in your house, and this is a sign of professionalism.



  1. Please...Not Twitter!

    L. Long

  2. Sean, when I told this one ol' boy about hi-cap mags he asked "uh, you plan on missin' a lot?"

    1. Like Doubletapper says, "Better to run out of Tangos than to run out of bullets."

  3. said the man, with a shooting hobby to channel anger, is that true?

    1. It ain't about anger. If anything it's about freedom. Don't have any anger issues. Got a LOT of freedom issues!!!

  4. Great pad. Looks like the optimal man cave. Nice Mini-14 too. Went with same. Both for the cost reason and the reliability reason. Got the regular ranch rifle then added a black synthetic Hogue stock. And then a barrel strut just for show - although I think it does help with the longer ranges.

    Great dogs. The work out gear could use a tune up, though. ;)

    /let us all know the date of the book-party BBQ

  5. I nervously look at guns .. if holding a gun, I was also nervous and would shoot anything that I should not shoot