Saturday, June 29, 2013


An average of 1100 hits a day, then it peaks out at 8,919? What did I post on Thursday to make it go viral like this?

Right now I'm writing the book of course. Later, I'm completing a shooting bench then it's plinking time with that sniperized 10/22.

I can't share what I'm working on, of course, without giving away the plot, but it involves poignant memories and reunion with a long-lost lover. And of course exotic locales, action, adventure; in other words, fiction crafted from the events of my own life.

Today I've included the haunting melody of Lana Del Ray's 'Young And Beautiful' because it evokes the feelings I'm dealing with as I craft this story.

Yes, I confess I am an emotional basketcase when it comes to memories & reminiscing.

The rest of the time I'm a machine.


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  1. This phenomenon has occurred to me as well...Chalk it up to NSA and Google surveillance and just move on...LOL.