Wednesday, June 16, 2010


At this time Blog STORMBRINGER would like to offer heartfelt congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Rush Limbaugh on the occasion of their wedding.

Rush and Kathryn Limbaugh

I was on the road last couple of weeks so this post is a bit belated. From early reports their wedding was a wonderful affair . . . the great Elton John entertained the guests . . .

Sidebar: Someone commented on that to me this weekend and I said, "Yeah, well, he's not really my style of music but he had some great hits back in the day and there's a couple of tunes he plays that gives me poignant memories so there you have it . . ."

What was inferred in that comment is that Elton John's sexuality is well-known of course, and Rush Limbaugh is the great voice of the Conservative Movement; is there not a contradiction taking place here? But that's all a part of Rush's message: we as conservatives don't judge or label people by their sexuality any more than we do by their race, color or creed. We judge them by their words and deeds, and Elton John has entertained millions over the decades and has harmed no one so there you have it.

Anyway it wasn't my wedding it was the Limbaughs'.

Rush Limbaugh is a great American philosopher and the de facto leader of the Conservative Movement, of course, and I could only wish and hope I can be half as successful in life and business as he is.

I admire Rush for many reasons, among them I share his sense of optimism in the face of adversary, and his determination and faith in Human Exceptionalism.

Rush is often misunderstood and has often been (inaccurately) accused of extremist/racist views. Rush's detractors are many, to which I say put aside what you've heard about the man and listen to what he has to say; you'll be surprised. Rush Limbaugh is possibly the living embodiment of the cliché, "Shoot the messenger."

Defining the conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh wrote in an op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal in 2005:

"I love being a conservative. We conservatives are proud of our philosophy. Unlike our liberal friends, who are constantly looking for new words to conceal their true beliefs and are in a perpetual state of reinvention, we conservatives are unapologetic about our ideals."

"We are confident in our principles and energetic about openly advancing them. We believe in individual liberty, limited government, capitalism, the rule of law, faith, a color-blind society and national security.

"We support school choice, enterprise zones, tax cuts, welfare reform, faith-based initiatives, political speech, homeowner rights and the War on Terrorism."

"And at our core we embrace and celebrate the most magnificent governing document ever ratified by any nation — the U.S. Constitution. Along with the Declaration of Independence, which recognizes our God-given natural right to be free, it is the foundation on which our government is built and has enabled us to flourish as a people."

"We conservatives are never stronger than when we are advancing our principles."

They even have sheepdogs! An excellent choice of breed!



Blog STORMBRINGER wishes the Limbaughs much happiness in their new life together.

- Sean Linnane


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