Sunday, June 13, 2010


COMRADES! Looking to the right! There you will see featured BLOG SITE of the NANOSECOND -

"The People's Cube"

As a lifelong student of revolutionary politics and Communist insurgencies - speaking as one who once wore red shoulder boards on my uniform - the Cube brings me much pleasure. Sometimes satire is the best delivery vehicle for political truth. Blog STORMBRINGER heartily endorses The People's Cube.

At this time I would like to encourage all STORMBRINGERs to direct their eyes to:

Fatwa Against Sarah Palin for Causing Enhanced BOOB-Quake

by Kommisar of Fatwas, Peeples Journalist and KOOK.

"We need to shine the headlights of truth on this issue. Why can't these boobs get a handle on this. I personally don't give a hoot er whatever. People are simply trying to rack up points. Get back into the fields comrades. What has this to do with the price of melons?"

The only way I can imagine improvement upon these Orbs of sheer genius is via see thru with backlight casting away all shadow of doubt . . . - Linnane

"Take Due Notice Thereof and Conduct Yourself Accordingly . . . "