Sunday, June 27, 2010


Mine-Sweeping Mammals Find New Work Searching for the Gone-Rogue Bots Designed to Replace Them

A Real Navy Seal (actually it's a sea lion) trained to carry out surveillance and detect undersea threats.

US Navy Seal "Zak" - a 375-pound California_sea lion moves through the water with a training device during a harbor patrol training swim.



  1. So if the seal found a mine what then? Would they SEAL up the harbor?

    Or if it didn't find anything would they give the harbor the SEAL of approval?

    I guess you could even say the seal can see all?

  2. So if the seal came from California...would you say it is the Great Seal of the State of California?

  3. One of those bastards (amateur, not USN) tipped me over in my kayak off La Jolla beach. Dunno how well they fight, but they can home in and tip you over. Actual SEALs have never done that to me and I went to high school with one. These buggers might commit ACTUAL war crimes, I don't know if I'd trust them. :-)