Monday, June 14, 2010


Members of TEAM STORMBRINGER send me inspirational stuff, and most of the time I post it. Lately I received some political, anti-Muslim material from a friend who is also a Brother. I won't re-print the entire thing here - elements of it were truthful but I feel the overall message was in the wrong direction - it included this passage:

"Mr. Obama, where were Muslims on Sept 11th, 2001? If they weren't flying planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil, they were rejoicing in the Middle East . . .

Palestinian Arabs dancing in the streets upon hearing the news of the 9/11 attacks.

. . . No one can dispute the pictures shown from all parts of the Muslim world celebrating on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news networks that day. Strangely, the very "moderate" Muslims who's asses you bent over backwards to kiss in Cairo , Egypt on June 4th were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day."

Now, I don't like all the "Kumbaya-We-Are-the-World" tripe Obama spins, his "America-is-Bad-We-Have-So-Much-to-Apologize-For" World Tour, and all his bowing and scraping to foreign potentates, any more than the next conservative . . .

Current Occupier of the Oval Office is seen here bowing low to the king of Saudi Arabia.

BUT - we must try as hard as we can not to fall into the trap of letting this thing we're involved in become a religious war.

Because IF this war becomes a war against Islam, then we have just LOST. We will have lost because our embracing some kind of modern Crusade against Muslims will mean the other side will have just attained their goal: to turn all the Muslims against us.

Before the current occupiers of the Whitehouse began playing word games, this conflict was known as the Global War on Terrorism, or G-WOT. This was a misnomer; Terrorism is a tactic; we are not at war against "Terrorism" any more than we were at war against Blitzkrieg during World War II. What we are at war against is Islamic Fundamentalism. And while this is a war against Muslim Extremism, this does not equal a war against Islam itself.


We don't want to have to face down all the Muslims; there are simply too many of them. What we WANT to do is to turn all the GOOD Muslims against the BAD Muslims - as long as we achieve this, we are winning. And believe it or not - despite what the left-leaning Mainstream Media would have you believe - we ARE winning.

We are kicking ass against the Muslim terrorists in the Philippines . . .

. . . we are kicking ass against those who harbor the terrorist enemy in Afghanistan . . .

. . . Pakistan . . .

. . . and a thousand places elsewhere and in between!"

Hell! We're so awesome even our WOMEN are kicking ass in this thing!

These are my feelings as a strategist, regarding the religious aspect of this war. My personal spiritual belief is that the ultimate phase of this thing is when we start seeing all the good Muslims becoming Christians - and I believe this phenomenon is taking place - the numbers are difficult to track, but the conversions are happening in numbers large enough to be significant, none the less.

But for the same strategic reasoning that I feel we must resist the temptation to fall into a religious war, I am also against racial profiling.

I'm sure my detractors over at FrumForum will be amazed to learn this; I am constantly being accused of racism, of spreading racist, hate-filled themes here on Blog STORMBRINGER - although to date not a soul has been able to substantiate this; and despite articles I've posted at FF such as keeping the faith with our Muslim allies.

Racial profiling is a flawed tactic. Consider: when the enemy becomes aware we are selective in who we look at, who we search; then they will begin sending blond-haired, blue-eyed terrorists our way: Chechins, Bosnians, anybody? The day we stop searching little old ladies in tennis shoes, they will start send little old lady terrorists our way.

How do they recruit a little old lady to become a suicide bomber? Easy: they go to her house, put a gun to the head of her four-year-old granddaughter, and say, "We're going to kill your granddaughter, but before we do we're going to rape her in every hole - UNLESS you take THIS onto the plane . . ."


Racial Profiling = BAD

Religious War = BAD

Maintaining the American Principles of Liberty, Justice and Freedom for All = GOOD

No matter how inconvenient . . .

The grave of U.S. Army Green Beret Ayman Taha, KIA Iraq.


. . . I also believe that if someone were to back a semi-trailer loaded with live hogs up to the front doors of that new multi-story super mosque they're building downtown Manhattan right next to Ground Zero . . .

An architect's rendering of the proposed 13-story mosque going up on Park Place just two short blocks from Ground Zero.

. . . then release the swine and let them run hog-wild through the place; this would be a good step in the right direction and just about the most patriotic gesture I could think of.

Just a thought . . .




  1. Thanks, Brother, for the gentle reminder.

    As to the post: SMIB

  2. I'll donate gas money to get them delivered! Hell, I'll donate a hog or two- the scene would be priceless! Just imagine the you tube furor!
    Your efforts are appreciated!

  3. I wonder if someone involved in the construction could bury a hog carcass in the concrete? particularly in the proper point of the compass?

    c'mon..the italian "buisnessmen" in NYC can't be liking this mosque..

  4. I have thought about your post here for a while, and I don't fully agree. I have lived in a South East Asian Muslim country for some years, and have 31 years in the military. I have studied these guys for decades.

    We are already in a full-blooded religious war with a sizeable faction of Islam, the Wahabists and their offshoots. This faction is trying to drag in the rest, with little success. This is a war which is over a thousand years old, Middle eastern Christians here in Australia call it 'the Forever War'. it is a religious war of extermination.

    Islam itself is not a religion at all, as close study of the koran (a genuinely vile document brimming with violence and hate) shows. It is little more than a seventh-century Mein Kampf: a 'how to' manual for a conquest ideology. When practised by Arabs, Islam itself is entirely parasitic, it produces nothing new and stifles all innovation. Note the distinction carefully.

    None of this is true in South East Asia, where Islam is actually being turned into a genuine religion. This is a remarkable achievement which is not complete: it will take centuries to complete.

    So in a sense you are correct: 'racial profiling' is not efficient unless we fully understand our enemy. I'd point out that if we racial profile we do cover perhaps 70-80% of the threat today, so it is tactically useful.

    What we have to do is 'racial and religious profiling against the right factions'. This might lift us to 90-95% efficiency.

    We also need to understand that efficincies above 95% are probably impossible. We also need to understand the fragmentation and factionalisation of the muslims, cultivate the friendlies and promote internal conflicts among our enemies. This war will last at least another thousand years.

    And above all, convert, convert, convert. Ex-Muslims make wonderful Christians who fully understand the fundamentally evil nature of Wahabist Islam.


  5. Mark - the nature of the problem with racial profiling: 70-80% doesn't cut the mustard. They only have to be successful once - we have to be successful EVERY TIME.

    Otherwise you're right in your observations - and I have lived & worked in my share of Muslim countries; Mauritania, Bosnia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Bangladesh. This IS a religious war, from their point of view. My point is we need to keep this from becoming a religious war from OUR point of view, and marginalizing the remainder of the Muslims who are currently AGAINST terrorism, and who are the majority.

    Thanks for your thoughts-

    Sean Linnane

  6. Uncle stormy can i drive the truck. i promise i wont run over anyone. i can be know as the pig bomber give out pork rines and bacon. set up a hot dog stand out front and serve chicken/pork by product hot dogs. Skullhead

  7. OK its getting a little religious there, and in fact we are at war with the extremist. remember we are warriors our job is to free oppressed peoples (when called upon by those people for our help) we also are suppose to defend the USA against all enemies foreign and domestic. Now history has also shown most wars have had some connection to religion (in some shape or form). don't forget the Nazis had their religion going on (pagan origin i believe) also the crusades were based totality on religion the epic battle Christians and Muslims. these battles were on going from 1095 to 1291 and remember that Jerusalem fell to the Turks in 1065. we are still battling an ideal and teachings that are based on thousands of year old religion. a total control environment as told about in the bible and other documents. to defeat this will take years of breaking the cycle of teaching and passing on the ideology. again history tells the story and shows the path that world walks. look at it this way there are haves and have not usually the haves take from the have nots, as well as keeping them have nots. see simple oppression. Special Adjent Skullhead

  8. Sean

    "Mark - the nature of the problem with racial profiling: 70-80% doesn't cut the mustard. They only have to be successful once - we have to be successful EVERY TIME."

    We may just be talking at slight cross purposes here. If you want to stop all terrorist attacks, sure, you are absolutely correct. That may be your point, and I'll not disagree with it.
    I am looking at it from the perspective of deterrence, knowing that we cannot stop all of their strikes. But we can really complicate their tactical picture and make it a lot harder for them, which then gives the intel guys more chances to catch them. This is pretty much how the Australian federal Police caught the two groups of home-grown terrorists here in 2006 (Op Pendennis). To my mind, risk profiling is just another tool in the kit. 'Racial' profiling is, perhaps, an emotive and inaccurate term; Islam is not, after all, a race.

    I'll just say that if we can identify the higer-order threat as 'mostly military-age muslim ethnic Arabs from countries X, Y and Z' then I have no difficulty with skewing resources appropriately while still not failing to use some resources to cover the lower-order threats.

    'Otherwise you're right in your observations - and I have lived & worked in my share of Muslim countries; Mauritania, Bosnia, Egypt, Kuwait, and Bangladesh. This IS a religious war, from their point of view.'


    'My point is we need to keep this from becoming a religious war from OUR point of view, and marginalizing the remainder of the Muslims who are currently AGAINST terrorism, and who are the majority.'

    Also agreed. If this becomes a religious war from our perspective, then we are back in the Thirty Year's War, only worse. To get to that point, it will have to have become existential. If that happens, then Richard Fernandez's 'Three Conjectures' have been made flesh in some way. No child of the Enlightenment wants that. Ahmadinijad does, but he's a Mahdiviat, pining for the apocalypse.

    We will win such a war, but we may lose our souls in doing so, as was realised far, far too late by the demon-haunted leaders who wrote the Treaty of Wesphalia in 1648.