Sunday, June 6, 2010


Y'all seen this gem? --

My immediate reaction on this was: how is this news? I joined Special Forces because we went to bad places and did bad things to bad people ALL the time - across the peace/conflict/war continuum - and the less the press heard about it, the better.

My take on this story is; this has GOT to be some kind of attempt to make the Whitehouse look macho- kind of like the Carter Administration claiming credit for creating Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force) just because Charlie Beckwith got his personal project off the ground in the late 70s.

There is NO WAY KNOWN Obama has grown a set of nuts or developed any kind of decisive leadership capability - if Obama COULD manage military affairs the U.S. would be in retreat everywhere; in accordance with Obama's 'Apologize to the World' and 'Bow & Scrape" themes.

What I get out of this story is that the Obama Administration has lost any kind of Oval Office control over the Pentagon previously enjoyed by George W. Bush (surprise, surprise) and that USSOCOM has managed to snow the Oval Office with dog & pony shows, bells & whistles.

In other words: a bit of fluff, a non-story generated by the mainstream media, desperately trying to make their guy look like The One they foisted onto us.

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  1. Sean,
    Your take that the Pentagon is probably bamboozling the bamboozler is good news indeed. Deep within our military is a huge reservoir of common sense. Career Officers and Enlisted all understand that their oath of office is to uphold the Constitution.

  2. The link has two extra dashes at the end; you may need to delete these to get the link to work.

  3. maybe this one will work...

  4. hey bro, maybe my take on this is too close to yours cause i felt the same way about joining as you did. I mean for real isn't that what sf has been doing for years, and will continue to do for years to come... and haven't we learned a lesson about opening our mouths to the reporters, what are we trying to do, scare our enemies with a bunch of propaganda??? cause obviously it still hasn't worked yet. Starting to think i should start my own blog.

  5. Come to the dark side we have milk and cookies; Skullhead