Sunday, June 13, 2010


From Reno, Nevada:

That's a K-BAR Fighting Knife he used to cut down Old Glory; commemorative engraved edition.

I only hope when the day comes I'm confronted with a patriotic challenge like this, I'll have as much class and balls as this guy displayed.

- S.L.



  1. The Mexican man has a right to fly whatever kind of flag he wants to (with contingencies). The other man has the right to protest it (with contingencies)...this is America...end of story.

    Personally I dont' think the Mexican man was making any significant political statement but the news service and the Vet seemed to want to make it one. It seemed to be a matter of pride for his homeland. And it was probably intended to attract business by publicly showing he held no anymousity for Mexican people and welcomed their business. If he loves Mexico, and Mexicans, why is that a bad thing?

    Now if he was making a statement intended to incite political change, or some type of revolution, then he needs to be shot in the face, then sent back to Mexico in a box. But that is just my opinion. I wouldn't actually do the shooting, but I wouldn't try to stop the other man from fighting him with the K-BAR either.

    Fighting for a symbol is insanity...fighting for a real cause, like personal freedom, and freedom from tyranny is what America is all about. Let's keep it all in perspective. The Mexican shop-keeper was hurting no-one.

    One thing everyone forgets...those Mexicans helped build this country. They are not all bad. The vast majority are no differnt than us and do not harm us, our way of life or our economy.

  2. Perhaps you did not notice the Mexican flag was flying ABOVE the American flag on the flagpole.

    Not only is this against the law:

    "Rules for use and display of the flag" (36 USC 173-178) - (c) No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, and (f) When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak -

    it is a direct insult and an outright sign of disrespect to our flag and our country.

    I've got no problem with the Mexican people. If they want to come here for a better life, no problem. They are proud of their culture, and their rich heritage, no problem. They want to fly their flag over ours, in an unmasked agenda to move their border north - BIG PROBLEM.

    Not on my watch.


  3. Yeah, fair cop, Sean.
    I believe there has been a lot of this in-your-face Mexican sopremacy horseshit in the southern US lately. Which should be slapped down as it occurs, as the Mexicans who helped build the US are by now, proud Americans. More recent arrivals who are aparrently yearning for some kind of reannexation of California, New mexico, Arizona, etc., seem oblivious to the irony, like as if the things that attracted them to run the border in search of a better life are just present in the soil or something, rather than the result of the US being NOT like Mexico. So bringing Mexico with them is self-defeating, what?

  4. OOH RAH!!! I will do the same.

  5. Agreed...the pirates, drug smugglers and leeching of the government services by non-nationals is an abomination which must be stopped using all violent tactics and sacrifice. If they are not Americans and committing crimes we can all agree. If they are criminals then let's hang 'em up in the town square like criminals for all those future criminals to see. Hang 'em with their own damn flag. Zero are either with us or you are against inbetween.

  6. What happened to respect for property rights?

  7. Most of Mexican nationals have no education,
    this guy may not have known it was illegal, may not even know the significance of the US flag or US history, For all we know a lot of Mexican nationals were never taught the signifcance of country and borders, problably maney dont know where the capitial of the US is on map, Candian border, and so on. That being said, its still disrepectfull AND illegal to fly any falg on the same pole as the US Flag, and even more to put the US flag lower. I dont blame this guy as much as I do the spanish laungage media, and our own legistators who bend over backwards to make it souund as if the US people are racist when the laws of the country are broken, this guy may not intend to do anything wrong, may just be an honest busisness person, but our legistators are knowing encourging this sort of law breaking as well as spanish launguange media, and it it these people who are the real racists, where they are lying to everyone just for their own greed and votes, and are often only conerend about the plight of mexico, and not the US, or whats good for the world, which is the world has conuntries, borders and flags for a reason!

  8. Well he got a lesson in flag etiquette and he knows NOW -

    All the more reason to enforce existing immigration laws.

    When I immigrated, I had to pass a physical examination (to ensure I did not have TB, among other things). To become a U.S. citizen, I had to pass an examination - in ENGLISH - on the United States history, system of government, etc.

    My wife had to do the same thing, and her native language is not English.

    If we embrace this "multi-culturalism" sentiment, we will lose our unique culture. If we do not enforce our borders, we will lose our country.

  9. "Most of Mexican nationals have no education,
    this guy may not have known it was illegal, may not even know the significance of the US flag or US history..." Dream on, anonymous. They have THEIR flag embroidered on their diapers, and they know exactly what it means. In fact, the Mexican flag has an eagle carrying a snake in its mouth, which is a symbol of Aztec supremacy. You are living in la-la land if you don't think that flag arrangement was a political statement. Places that aren't making a political statement display the US and Mexican flags crossed.

  10. God bless Jim Broussard.

    Thank you, Jim and Stormbringer, for the service you have given to our country.

    This is the first time I have surfed onto this site. I'll be back.

  11. Can you imagine the furor if we went to Mexico and flew Old Glory above the Mexican flag? My god, there would be international condemnation of the US as an imperialist aggressor!

    Good for the vet that removed the US flag from such a disrespectful display.

  12. Ignorance of the law is no excuse . Hard to believe this mexican didnt have the brain power know this was wrong . The owner is responsible for this there is no excuse . No mercy TAR AND FEATHERS run him out of town .

  13. The person who displayed the flags should be arrested and taken before a judge for appropriate punishment. Such displays may well lead to "incidents" resulting in death or injury. We don't need anyone adding fuel to this type of fire. My respects to the vet who acted as he did to ensure that our flag would not be displayed in a manner that indicated disrespect. Semper Fidelis, Sully

  14. I was attending an Ivy League style elitist college for Graduate medical school. On May 1st, (Mayday is the celebration day for all communist statists around the world) The Russia House on campus somehow got permission to fly the flag of the USSR on the main flagpole on Campus. It was pre-Ronald Reagan's famous declaration of freedom, so we American's were boycotting the Olympics at the time. Anyway, another student climbed on my shoulders and cut it down. Some of the communists surrounded us after seeing us desscrating and cutting down their flag. By buddy went to his nearby car and brought out 2 irons. The commies suddenly decided they were late for class. We are in a life and death struggle between capitalism and absolutism. BTW, there are only two types of government; good vs. bad.
    We can't possibly lose without a fight. Ours is the non-violent, patriotic and honest movement. We are the moral high ground. I shall not yield another inch. The mature American mind is made up, we are the People, we are unwilling at accept your chains BHO!

    Once you know the truth none of us will ever surrender to either favor of leftist Kool-Aid mentalities; Communism and Fascism are impossible to tell apart; they're the two ugly twin step sisters of tryanny.

  15. Today is the 134th celebration of Flag Day in the United States. At a time when our nation faces so many difficult issues, it’s disheartening to see Americans more divided than at any time since the 1960s. For reasons that I can’t understand, too many people are much too quick to revere the symbol without grasping the principles behind it.

    US Flag History

    American legend is a bit garbled when it comes to the flag. The Second Continental Congress adopted a resolution in Philadelphia on June 14, 1777 that described a new “American” flag. According to the official US government website on the matter, Betsy Ross was only one of several people who made early flags. There is no independent evidence that she made the first flag.

    Flag Day

    June 14 1877, the centennial of the original flag resolution, marked the first Flag Day celebration. In 1949, Congress ordered that “Flag Day” be celebrated permanently on June 14, but it is not a national holiday.

    Pledge of Allegiance

    The Pledge of Allegiance is more associated with the flag itself than it is with national principles. Francis Bellamy, a Christian Socialist from Boston, wrote the pledge in 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the western hemisphere. It first appeared in Youth’s Companion magazine, and school children recited it on Columbus Day in that year. That practice became a daily routine in American schools, and the phrase “under god” was added in 1954.

    US flag and Pledge of Allegiance etiquette are contained in the Title IV of the US Code, which is a listing of all federal laws. The US Code of Federal Regulations, a listing of regulations derived from those laws, does not contain the phrase “pledge of allegiance” anywhere.

    On Flag Day, 1943, The US Supreme Court held that schools could not force children to say the pledge. While there is always media chatter about making the pledge mandatory in schools, and serious efforts crop up occasionally, our courts have always rejected them as violations of the first amendment. There are no serious efforts to do so at this time. There is no federal law requiring anyone ever to say the pledge.

    However, 44 states – including Pennsylvania – require all schools to offer the pledge every day. Twenty-six states – including Pennsylvania – permit students to decline. We don’t know how many students decline to say the pledge, and there is no way to know whether individuals refuse for political reasons or due to adolescent rebellion.

    A 2001 Pennsylvania law made it mandatory for schools to hold the pledge, and for students to recite it (with some strict exceptions). The US Court of Appeals invalidated the law as unconstitutional in 2004.

    June 14, 1:01 AM
    Pittsburgh Public Policy Examiner
    Patricia O'Malley

  16. Man was that terrific!
    Nobody better come back with nonsense.

    I got a feeling there is more people
    like this doing some amazing things
    around the country.

    Keep posting videos!

  17. If you fly some other flag with greater prominence than the US flag, I hope it falls on the ground and you trip on it and break your neck. I'm glad the Veteran took The Flag away from someone who doesn't deserve it or respect what it stands for.