Saturday, November 6, 2010


Incredible . . .

35 Terrorist training camps here in the United States - owned and operated by the Pakistani who lured Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal to his kidnapping and subsequent beheading by al Qaeda.

This is not news - this Hannity report dates back to February 2009 - if anybody has an update on this situation since that time regarding any U.S. government actions against these compounds; please let us know.

All of you need to view this video.

"Keep your hatchet scoured, musket clean, sixty rounds of cap and ball and be ready to march at a minute's notice." Roger's Rangers Rules or Plan of Discipline, Major Robert Rogers - 1757



  1. Not surprising. Too many citizens are spoon-fed and feather-pillowed. As long as they got the bread and circuses they are happy.

    BTW you think the recent elections was thrilling? Hmph, while we were rooting for our teams the lethal threats within and without were not snoozing. They were doing what Major Rogers urges us to do.

    Many of us that maintain a level of vigilance (think: sheepdogs) are mocked or dismissed as "radical redneck gun-totin' bible-thumpin' paranoid whackos". I live down near the border and I'm carrying cocked and locked wherever the law will allow. Down here that is not considered "over-reacting" at all.

    One axiom I have followed through all the hostile situations I've been in is:

    No time to get ready ... got to BE ready.

    Yeah, the Constitution protects these mooks, but I think that peer pressure might be effective. Not to say storm the compounds and burn 'em out, uh uh, but who are the neighbors? Who lives near these camps? If concerned citizens make a fuss, make some noise and draw attention to the situation, maybe something can be done. I know that the bureaucracy of tax men, zoning, wildlife and forestry, the whole damn government leviathan can make life miserable for decent law-abiding folks. Um, maybe turn that against this lethal threat existing near us.

    NIMBY. Not in my back yard. That's fuckin-A right. Not in anybody's back yard.

  2. Just drop a dime to Homeland terrorist Security and tell them a bunch of red neck right wing types are training as militia at these camps. The mooks will JDAM the entire AO without a second thought. They will only notice the mistake when they find out the DNC donation bundles are down 50%...

  3. I thought that it was people like me, that came from a long military tradition, that are the threat?

    What do I know? I am law abiding, and unlike the SPLC video of late, I carry proper driving privs and insurance, and don't countenance violent people...

    John Prine: It's a Big Old Goofy World.

    BIG and


    Both important things to remember, especially when dealing with people with advanced degrees that never should have made it past 3rd grade?

  4. this day and age requires a speed bag ready to go and in arms reach. kit should have weapon, min 2 extra clips, hand full of loose rounds, compass, flint stone and steel, knife, first aid kit, 2 bottles of water, beef jerky, dried fruit, water tabs, and cheap am/fm reciever. long gun should be acessable as well. when the trolls show up you will take me for this . stay on point and break trail. Skullhead out here