Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Personally I'm not perturbed by the TSA patdowns; this sort of thing has been going on for decades overseas. The only problem I have is with the TSA itself- this operation should have been left in the hands of private security professionals. Instead President Bush caved to the Democrats and so what we have is a bunch of government bureaucrats in uniform, unaccountable for their actions and smug in their power trip.


Now I'm not suggesting any mischief here or anything, but on the site this one came from somebody commented that we need to make a bunch of copies, and as we stroll through airports, tape them up faster than the TSA can take them down.

Just a thought, going in to the holiday travel season . . .


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  1. Excellent thoughts, love the poster.

    I think our elected officials should undergo the same security screenings as us proles. They are oh so brave to announce they are going to use commercial airlines, "y'know we jes' humble folks like y'all". Let's see how brave they are when they have to strip down to socks and jocks and "turn yer head and cough"

    Also, been wondering why we don't have equivalent screening for all vehicular/pedestrian traffic through border checkpoints. Hmm, could get interesting, set up some booths at the Greyhound stations, soon followed by random mobile check vans (coming to a neighborhood near YOU).

    But nah, never happen here, right? Uh, right?

  2. Another fun way to go is to say "ouch! That burns. What are you doing to me?" when you go through th ex-ray machine.

    Just freak out the folks behind you.

  3. While patdowns happen overseas and have for decades, they're far less invasive/intrusive than anything the TSA is now doing.

    And most other countries have now more or less replaced them with waving a wand over your clothes and only doing a manual search in places it indicates there's something of interest.

    Nowhere that I'm aware of are they're doing full cavity searches, but the TSA is clearly gearing up for those...