Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I came across this article on the Internet . . .


By AUDREY BARNES - FOX 5 Reporter - Friday, 29 Oct 2010, 11:26 AM EDT

WASHINGTON - Getting kids to eat three healthy meals a day can be a challenge, especially if money is tight. But D.C. Public Schools have found a way to take some of that burden off parents. They are now serving dinner at school.

OK lets go through this by the numbers: since when is it the mission of the Department of Education to take the burden of feeding the kids off their parents?

On the menu are things like salmon salad, a whole grain roll, orange juice, one percent milk and a corn and pepper relish.

If you're going to give the kids milk, give them whole milk - DUMBASSES.

"With positive feedback, the kids will enjoy the food," Chef Edward Kwitowski said. He is in charge of whipping up healthy dinners for D.C. school kids as part of this new program to provide three healthy meals a day at school.

"Our program is from scratch cooking with local produce," said Kwitowski. "And definitely low fat cooking."

It's a far cry from the muffin or bagel and juice kids used to get in the after school program, which was often was the last food some would eat until the next day at school.

That's another myth I keep hearing - "It's the last food they eat until the next day at school" - I'm sorry I don't buy it. I've lived in countries where this is true, and the streets are full of children with their hands out, begging. I've also been through East D.C. - a VERY rough neighborhood - not to mention Oakland and parts of the Southside of Chicago. Where are the packs of kids, begging for handouts?

"It's good and it's healthy," fourth grader Emanuel Gross said. "So I can stay on task."

I bet you'd stay on task a lot better if they fed you BEEF - you know; the other white meat.

D.C. joins 13 states which serve three meals a day at school – and to the tune of $5.7 million. Officials here have embraced the program because they realize healthy, well-fed kids learn better.

“We're reaching 10,000 kids a day at 99 of our 120 schools," said Anthony Tata, Chief Operating Officer of D.C. Public Schools. That's about 25 percent of the student population. And another big benefit of the after school dinners are that more kids are enrolling in after school programs where they can get some academic help as well.

So the dinners are really serving three purposes - fighting hunger, obesity and offering help with classwork too.

And the best news of all is this is a federally-funded program.

HOW IS THIS GOOD NEWS ? ? ? That $5.7 million could buy a lot of ammunition, diesel fuel, food, water, medical supplies and spare parts for our guys overseas.

“We're reimbursed on a per meal basis," Tata said. "We can already see the good it's doing for our kids."

It'd do those kids a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT BETTER if their parents owned up to their responsibilities and fed and clothed their kids on their own, without depending on you or me to do it.

HEY - I've got an idea - we'll feed and clothe your worthless asses BUT you gotta submit for mandatory urinalysis for drugs AND you give up the right to vote for as long as you're on the public dole . . . deal?




  1. $5.7 million is ridiculous to spend on kids whose parents should have considered their cost before popping them out.....but in light of the $200 million a day, 0bama is blowing on his India trip, sounds like we will just print more money.

    When will some adults come and supervise?

  2. So the nanny staters are decrying the 'po fat liddle kiddies we gots runnin' 'round the hood...
    So they decide THEY can do a better job then the natural parents....

    So it's bad to smoke, it's bad to eat transfats, it's bad to the nanny staters just have to control your life

    When are the nanny staters going to ask for their investment back? The investment THEY have made in your life. When are they going to require the 'po people to be sterilized, to have an abortion, to be euthanized....

    I mean really, THEY are making decisions for the 'po people so why shouldn't they be able to demand that you do all those things FOR THEM?


  3. I wonder how many of these kiddies will have smartphones and $120 shoes and the latest fashion, but the gov't gotta pay for them to eat. Something is wrong here......

  4. I'm a "po" person who is on Social Security due to multiple sclerosis (used to be on Welfare, because it can take YEARS to actually get on SS, and during that time you cannot participate in paid work.) It is possible to fool a drug test, even with someone standing there and observing. It is even more likely that someone would get a false positive. Drug tests are expensive and unreliable. The drug testing labs are the only people who profit from them. By the way, a few million is nothing compared to the national budget of any Western country, but I realize it's easier to make snide comments about "the po" than to do anything about the rich and powerful (the ones who run everything and are actually using most of your money for THEIR benefit.)

  5. That $5.7 million could also go a long way for these kids if it was spent on books and other resources for the schools. It will help more than 25% of the kids in the school.
    It is programs like this one that are turning schools into day care centers instead of places where students receive and education and are expected to learn the skills that they need to become a PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN.
    I am a special education teacher in a classroom for students who are classified as being Emotionally Disturbed. What this usually means is that their parents are worthless and have not disciplined them. As a result, they cannot handle it when they are held accountable for their actions. With these kids, usually I am the only person they have had in their life that holds them accountable, does not accept their excuses, and makes them do something. Parents need to step up and be held responsible for their kids, not the school.