Friday, November 5, 2010


F-16AM tail# 80-3666, Royal Norwegian Air Force - named Christine or The Devil Jet.

Currently at Edwards AFB in the 416 CTF/416 FLTS/912 AMXS - property of the Royal Norwegian Air Force - used for systems test and development for the AMs in European Air Forces; mostly test and evaluation of new electronics, etc. There are pilots from Norway, Denmark and Portugal here.

Pilot is Major FA Evensen, Dedicated Crew Chief is Roy Simpson and our own Glenn Cassel (goes by Old Retired Petty Officer) is the Assistant Crew Chief. They are basically responsible for the general overall condition of the airplane and it's mechanical systems, such as servicing, cleanliness, tires and scheduled inspections and maintenance.

Read about OLD 666 HERE



  1. I don't get it...what is the significance? Why is this airplane remarkable? I know, 666 is the mark of the
    The link goes to a B-17 Bomber.

  2. That is what he said. It is a comparison of Old and New.
    And Airplane Guy Humor and a touch of history.
    Thanks Sean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I used to work Emergency Room in the Air Force back in the mid 80's. There was a C 9 MedEvac aircraft with tail number ending in 666 and we did our best to not let patients know that fact. Odd thing was it never had mechanical problems that we ever heard of and it was always within a few minutes of scheduled landing time. It was based out of Scott AFB, Illinois.