Tuesday, November 9, 2010



Nov 8, 2010 York County, Pennsylvania

Vandals targeted an Iraq War Veteran in West York sometime early Monday morning:

An Iraq War Veteran and recipient of two Purple Hearts awakened to find his SUV damaged by vandals.

Police say, Anthony Gurreri, a former Lance Corporal with the United States Marine Corps, found his SUV damaged in his driveway along N. Clinton Street. The 2003 GMC Yukon had a smashed back window, all 4 tires were slashed, both headlamp lenses were broken, and the front windshield wipers and wiper arms were torn from the mounts.

The statement, "Go Back to Iraq and Kill More Women and Kids," was spray painted on the hood of the vehicle. The vandals also etched the words "Muder" (murder spelled incorrectly) and "Killer" into the driver and passenger side doors.

Investigators ask anyone with information about this crime to contact the West York Borough Police at 717-854-1975.



  1. Oh hell no!

    I know that every Devil dog in a 500 mile radius is going to help out this Brother.

    Happy birthday Marine, re-enforcements are inbound!

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  2. And WHEN you do find this BBFN that did this, is he or she or them, going to fall down some ladders a few times before they are DRAGGED to the police station?
    and why his suv, there has to be many more vets in the local area to do this kind of damage to?
    he must of crossed a dhimmecrap sometime in the past.