Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This happened the day before yesterday at the store we go to down the street; the store security officer - a young guy in his twenties - got pistol whipped and then took a bullet while attempting to apprehend two shoplifters. He is seriously wounded but recovering; one of the two slime-molds who did it is in jail right now.


Luis Daniel Cora-Romero, of Lancaster, was charged with retail theft, aggravated assault, robbery and criminal conspiracy to commit robbery. He is in Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Kenneth Peralta, 38, of Lancaster (the shooter) is being sought.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Peralta is asked to call East Lampeter Township police at 717-291-4676. Peralta should be considered armed and dangerous - Police said they think he got away in a dark blue or black Ford Taurus with Pennsylvania license plate HNT 6089.

I pointed out to the wife & kids that we should respect that poor guy who took a round; I've pulled a lot of private security gigs over the years - armed AND unarmed - and that could have been me on any one of several occasions.

Trouble with any job with the word "Security" in it is that sooner or later, you're the number two guy at a gun fight. The option of being armed isn't always your prerogative - quite often the corporate entity doesn't want their Security armed; because of the liability risk. The way they look at it - Security's just there as a deterrent - it's better to let the thief bolt with the goods than to deal with a possible lawsuit. In this case, the gun came out right at the end of it, over a packet of razor blades, of all things.

Bottom Line: For your personal security purposes, it is not good enough to simply arm yourself; even with whatever minimal qualifications and firearms training your jurisdiction requires for concealed carry. It is also essential that your training includes a review & rehearsal of possible scenarios (as realistic as possible within the constraints of safety).

For example: you're in the store and a situation goes down - what do you do? (Bear in mind it is not your mission to protect store property - your motivation is personal survival).

Consult local law enforcement and seek legal guidance regarding such a scenario, and seek the best combat pistol marksmanship training available. Consider this the unwritten clause in your life insurance policy.



  1. My SN2 (a recently returned Marine from Nawa, AF) landed a job with a super market chain that is popular in southeast PA as an "Assett Protection" specialist. Basically a store detective whose main function is detaining people that are shoplifting. Turns out in the Philly area there are Gangs that conduct orginized shiplifting. He recently had to confront two of them alone, while they were trying to haul away more than $1000.00 in stuff. The turds made a huge mistake when they tried to push down SN2 to escape, being the Trained Killer that he is, he easily took down the one while the other hauled ass. The SN2 kept the one down until the local Police arrived the the turd will be charged with Assualt as well as Felony Retail Theft.

    I warned the Son about his Mothers concern that some day one of these creeps will be armed and he said, that thankfull for his time in Helmand he knows what to look for in a person carrying anything like a knife or a gun.

    Still, its a big problem. He detains an average of one shoplifter evey 4-hours he works!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. RE: "...your jurisdiction requires for concealed carry..."

    I live in Berkeley, CA. I have not applied for a CCW Permit for I do not have political connections. Should I bother to apply anyhow?

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