Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Don't ya just love it when a plan comes together?


Here is Democratic Econ 101, explained. It's even worse than I first thought, in fact it's WAAY worse than that. Ignore all the white noise on the Left-Leaning Mainstream Media and just look at how the American people are being taken to the cleaners:

Think this is stupid? Just wait until the health care with no additional costs kicks in; what most of us now pay for health insurance will double and the best medical care in the world will be a memory. Just think: these schemes were dreamed up by the same people who came up with Cash for Clunkers . . .

This kind of recklessness is the economic equivalent of holding the country down with a boot on the neck, and slitting our collective throats.


. . . 1923, height of hyper-inflation: paper money is worth more by weight . . .



  1. Words to remember, as they may once again become important. history often repeats and threepeats...

    "And then what we had predicted occurred.
    The state went bankrupt in every area of public life.
    If it weren't for us, there would be no hope ...
    We were persecuted, humiliated, condemned.
    Our leaders ... were locked up in jails.
    ... but the movement still maintained its heady ascent.
    Guided by free men and new ideas, this nation will start making history."--1936

    Spoken by ANOTHER leftist SOCIALIST.
    Let us not let it happen here.

    Funny they equate my Libertarian Conservative Kind with Nazis when we aren't one bit socialist.

    When I took economics in college a few decades back, the running number was "the government has to collect about 7 dollars to effectively spend one dollar back into the private sector, due to overhead costs." Reckon that's gotten any better? I don't.

  2. The 111pers are looking better and better.

  3. It's ironic that it did work... Record onsecutive quarters job growth, high GDP growth, and no Weimar in sight.