Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This thing was sent in by a reader, and has gone viral all over the 'net. I agree with at least half the sentiments expressed here . . . just to be fair though I have to point out that the Whitehouse Ramadan dinners started under George W. Bush . . . I don't know if Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim - his name sure SOUNDS Muslim . . . one thing's for sure he isn't a Christian . . . . and that Trinity United Church of Christ doesn't practice any kind of Christianity as I know it . . . also for what it's worth, and in the interests of fairness - David Frum has a very enlightening piece on the REAL STORY behind the Mosque at Ground Zero . . . S.L.


by Rich Carroll

Over two years ago I wrote “The Jihad Candidate” warning readers that Barack Hussein Obama was a Muslim plant hand-picked to destroy America. How I wish I'd been taken seriously.

Get yourself something cool to drink, find a relaxing position, and let’s examine what has happened.

But before we continue I want you to vividly remember those two jet airliners slamming into the twin towers of lower Manhattan. I want you to remember those American citizens just like you who jumped from the fiery flames to their death because that end would be quicker, less painful.

Please remember the dancing and cheering from the Arab Street. Keep those images indelibly in your vision, because the Muslim White House would have you believe that “Ground Zero” doesn’t matter anymore.

Since February, 2010, Barack Obama has given the Islamic terrorist organization, HAMAS, $1.23 billion U.S. dollars. Additionally, Obama has agreed to take 100,000 Gaza residents into the United States as "resettled immigrants," all on your tax dollars. How will these “refugees” find a job with an unemployment rate of 12% here?

This president refuses to prosecute the Muslim mastermind of the U.S.S. Cole bombing in 2000, which took the lives of 17 American sailors, yet he persisted in the prosecution of Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe and 1LT Michael Behenna for doing their jobs to fight Muslim Al Qaeda. What? Whose side is Obama on? Any president in American history would have decorated both young men for their heroism on national television.

Obama’s answer? Coddle Nadal Hasan, the brutal murderer of 30 United States soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas, and continue his contemptuous assault on our military. But what can you expect from a “president” who holds a special White House Ramadan dinner for 100 of his close Muslim friends (many with ties to terrorism) and basks in the applause of his support to build a “mosque de triomph” at ground zero, which will be used as Sharia finance center.

He and his sycophant Muslim apologists continue their efforts to strengthen the false conception of Islam as a benign religion. This chorus of Islamophiles warble melodious delights about a “peaceful” Islam. They want to airbrush out the misery and spoliation of conquered peoples, the executions and martyrdoms, the rapes, and pedophilia, the child abuse, the humiliations and oppression, and the 15,486 Muslim terrorists bombings and human carnage since 9/11.

Despite our Presidents protestations, such historical facts are the only important information needed as far as "understanding Islam." Could this be the reason that Obama’s approval rating among Americans is 41 percent and his approval rating among Muslims is 78 per cent? How can any thinking, clear minded American make sense of such things?

Telling audiences that “Islam has contributed to the rich history of America” is a lie that Obama continues to spread unchallenged. Islam, and Muslims, did NOT have any influence on our founding or our culture. Obama fails to tell his drug-induced crowd of followers that the Koran (the “Holy Koran" as he calls it) tells readers 109 times to murder infidels and Jews. How positively “peaceful” that is.

But what else do you expect from a foreign born Muslim who endorsed the mosque at Ground Zero in New York by having the gall to wrap his decision in the cloak of the First Amendment. Any real American president would feel the pain of Americans from 9/11 and put a stop to the mosque. What a slap in the face of every American citizen!

Obama’s disdain for America continues unabated as he approves to finance the fund-raising "sensitivity tour" of his friend Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, (who said in a 2001 interview that the United States was responsible for 9/11, that the blood was on OUR hands). Did you realize that you were paying for Rauf’s trip around Europe and the Middle East and all of his expenses?

This gets even worse: Obama approved millions to be spent on the renovation of mosques in 27 countries around the world. Isn’t it nice knowing where your tax dollars are being spent during the biggest recession since 1929?

Obama, foreign born? Yes, that nasty “missing birth certificate” hasn’t gone away, and the nation of Kenya continues to insist that he is their native. Obama’s hatred of America is further revealed in his steadfast refusal to defend the borders of the United States and submit the State of Arizona to the United Nations for violation of human rights? Violation of human rights? Obama needs to report his beloved Islam for butchering women! The State of Arizona is only trying to do HIS job because he will not do it. This president has opened the door for terrorists and for diseases to freely come into America, and for that alone he should be impeached.

This week Obama ordered the release of several hundred captured “illegal aliens,” violating our immigration laws, and imposing a back door amnesty plan without the consent of Congress. Obama doesn’t care about you, the crime caused by illegals, and the expense of a few hundred thousand anchor babies and who will pay for them. He obviously doesn’t care that an illegal could enter the United States with smallpox or a nuclear weapon and murder 80,000 Americans. Someone raised in the world’s most Muslim nation, Indonesia, doesn’t care about you. Someone with close ties to Muslim terrorism in the Middle East and Africa doesn’t care about your day-to-day issues. He cannot identify with these problems, because his heart and sympathies lie elsewhere.

Is Barack Hussein Obama President of the United States or merely a katib (secretary to the Islamic Caliph)? Angry and informed Americans already know the answer. Look at ISLAMONCAPITALHILL.COM to see his agenda. His disdain for America, our history. and our traditions, grows more contemptible (and obvious) each day. Americans be damned, nothing can sway him. Those who had any doubts are learning why a guy named “Barry” would change his name to match Mohammed’s horse: Barack.

Where is America’s liberal press in all this mess? Drinking the Kool-aid of our first black president, they forget his allegiances lie with Muslims because they consider that being called a “racist” by the White House is a fate worse than destruction at the hands of Islam. Remember that in his book “Dreams of My Father” that Obama said “if the political winds shift in an ugly direction I will side with them (Muslims)?” Well, he meant it!

We face in the coming months and years critical points in history that will determine our future existence as a sovereign nation. To scale the fortress walls of financial ruin brought-on by the indulgent “stim-you-less” waste of a trillion dollars that did nothing more than pay-off Obama's campaign contributors and a catastrophic housing finance scheme fueled by insistent liberal meddling, we need an American aware of the need of financial restraint and not someone who continues to wholesale spend (including unlimited lavish vacations).

These are the times that try men’s souls, and a time requiring unity. We must not be torn apart by someone forcing the nation of Islam onto our culture. Democrats, too, much realize that we are at that point in American history that we must save our country first, or we will not have a two-party political system to save. Americans realize that we need a president who was raised in America; one who would say “the most beautiful sound is the song 'America the Beautiful,'" not “the Azan, or early morning Muslim prayer call.”

Americans are fed-up with Acorn, Islam, and Chicago thug politics. America is disgusted with the racism and bigotry spread by the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama. We want a president who will instruct NASA that its job is space exploration, not making murdering Muslims feel good about themselves.

We want our nation back before it’s too late. Which side are you on?

Richard Carroll is an op-ed writer and the author of the books, "Terrorists' Crossing" and "Orphaned Heroes."



  1. le Président Barak Hossein OBAMA, Président de ce grand pays: les états unies d'amérique, a été élu par le peuple Américain, Obama n'est pas un étranger aux états unies, comme vous venez de le dire, Obama est un rassembleur, Obama est un homme de Paix, Vous, Vous etes un RACISTE XENOPHOBE, et vous etes un SALE MENTEUR.
    Tout ce que vous avez dit dans cet article c'est des mensonges pour discréditer le président Obama.
    Je ne serai pas étonné que vous soyez un membre du KU KLUX KLAN, cette organisation criminelle et Raciste.
    Je vous parle d'Algérie, mon pays qui a perdu 1.500.000 combattants pour la liberté,la démocratie et l'intolérence.
    Vous n'etes donc qu'un sale menteur doublé d'un raciste, je parle a Rich Caroll.
    Barak Obama est un grand sage.

  2. @Laid - Algerians don't get a vote here. If you think this is a lie, then invite BO to YOUR country & praise him over there. We don't want him.

  3. I think obama is a muslim or a muslim sympathizer. It shows in his overseas speeches praising islam. Those 100,000 Gaza "refugees" will be an even greater problem for us than all the Somalian "refugees" that were brought into The States.

    To Laid. We are not racist xenaphobes and obama is far from being a great sage.

  4. Quoted and linked at http://greenmnts.blogspot.com/

    Soon or later, the truth WILL come out. Then watch the roaches run for cover.

    E n'y crois pas à ces conneries! Me faut retourner à la pute qui m'a accouchée...Connard.

    Sorry, Fils de pute, they played the race card out awhile back. Now when some Le travesti calls you a racist, you know your near the truth. Va te faire enculer!

  5. Obama is a muslim plant of Saudi Arabia. The next thing he will do, is to attack Iran under UN coalition. WikiLeaks said the same: Saudi Arabia wants Obama to attack Iran. Why? Because Iran is shiite and Saudi Arabia is sunni. If Obama would attack Iran, he will be 1) the “messiah” for the Iranian people as he will free them from their government, 2) he will be the world’s “messiah” by saving us from a nucleair threat. 3) He will recue the US from the crisis and will be their “messiah” by taking the oil out of Iran and 4) he will bring Wallstreet back to 12.000 – 15.000 points in which Saudi Arabia has a lot of interests and be their “messiah”. Conclusion: Obama the world leader might become the “messiah” of the world?

  6. he's the Messiah floating in my toilet!