Friday, December 17, 2010


Still in the middle of the final phase of the Move From Hell: camping out in a three-story hooch full of cardboard boxes and disassembled furniture - still no cable or Internet - this is really cramping my style - the neighbors must think we're Jewish or maybe Jehovah's Witnesses or something; no Christmas decorations up yet, its looking like its going to be one of those Christmases to Remember.

Still, we're warm & safe; we have shelter from the first storm of the year.

There's a team of STORMBRINGERS out there sending me stuff - this ones from Tom (formerly of Boomers and BS). Normally I'd delve into this, derive a post - given the current circumstances, I'm posting this in its entirety:

Joe wrote a pretty nice one on some of modern culture. Agree with him or not,  he writes well, and I reckon you'd probably agree more than not.

Not military though, more the "youth culture" and slackers.

Remember, I don't agree with him on a lot of things, but it's a hell of a RANT.

I shall be a capitalist till I die, and have been ever since I bought my first tools to make money with.

But the lack of thought by the populace is a bit of a problem, and he misses on the fact that the people on his side of the fence have a habit of looking the other way when Soros is being a pr*ck instead of a member of the republican party or libertarians like myself.

Semi-Formerly (couldn't resist the pun) of Boomers and BS

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  1. FWIW-- He wrote "Deer Hunting With Jesus". THAT one, it was a nice rant on how the US lower-middle and lower class (especially whites) allow themselves to be manipulated in political games when they are the ones that ALWAYS volunteer to serve and die for their country and are the ones most likely to be foreclosed on when things take a downturn. Nobody takes up collections for out of work coal miners and welders but they take up for lots of minorities that make careers out of being "victims" and having misplaced senses of entitlement. He is correct that a lot of youth have ZERO interest in learning anything, deal with that every day.

    I think Joe is probably a communist. But, he's tangentially friendly with an author I occasionally exchange ideas with who's Nam vet. He does have some points at times and I did like the Deer Hunting book. As many know, I'm a card carrying member of the Birch Society. No need to pray for me ;-)

    He'd write better if he didn't seem so smug like Maher and Stewart, but it's interesting to see what that cadre of self-titled elites seems to think at the moment and kick around amongst themselves. It's a lot more interesting than the stuff they own up to in press releases. People like Joe preaching to college kids, without much challenge, is what gave us the 2008 election disaster.

    Tom (The Semi-Formal)

    Didn't expect this post to happen from the email, but the above is why and how I happen to read his stuff.

  2. FWIW, as I dig, this is one of his influences he quotes:

    "Former Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

    Regards the victims of 9/11 as “little Eichmanns”.

    Considers America to be a genocidal nation.

    Falsely claimed to be an American Indian, in order to qualify for an affirmative action teaching position in Ethnic Studies.


    Charming, huh?

    He's good at seeing things wrong, that are often wrong, and entirely clueless on how to fix them (in my humble opinion) -- but it's interesting reading to get a feel for that "culture".