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They're hooked us up on Internet noon, today. Fear not, STORMBRINGERs - I WILL feature a Monday Mystery Bird for tomorrow. Oh yes, I will . . .

In the meantime here is a post I've been working on all day, in between unloading PODs and running around on errands:

Steve from Wisconsin commented on yesterday's post IT ISN'T TIME TO PANIC YET . . . He made a good point: "canaries in the coal mine" are a dime a dozen, but what can a person actually DO to affect change?

This is a good opportunity to point out that Blog Stormbringer is not a political blog; I only ever got political concerning matters of National Security. That changed of course when I learned of THIS guy:

Furthermore, despite the intended compliment associating me with Glenn Beck; I am not a canary in a coal mine - I am a sheepdog.

This Blog is a hobby and a side issue (if it was a commercial enterprise it would be a lot more successful, I can assure you). I described this when I interviewed myself, way back when Blog Stormbringer started, about a year after I retired from active duty:

Nowadays I work in the security field and what I do is directly related to national security. That's what I do, that's my bit for God and Country; I don't go the political route - never been involved in politics and don't intend to.

Back to the reader's comments:

"We have too much of a Carter style malaise amongst the conservatives . . . may be its due to us working our tushies off and we are too tired to fight the good fight.

"What I would like to see or hear is a list of "steps to follow to protect MY hinny". Every thing that I read from conservative blogs revolves around the nation and how to save the nation. I agree with all of those thoughts and fundamental ideals. And we need that practical discourse to educate folks on how this great country should run.

"But I'm already a convert, a tea partier, a burgeoning conservative, a quickly becoming vocal supporter of true American ideals (much to my wifes chagrin).

"So I would like to see somebody giving us a top ten list of things that we can do to affect our personal bubbles of influence.

"I realize sounding the alarm is a heck of a lot more fun than the down and dirty task of changing our society. But I think we are at a phase in our conservative "hope and change" odyssey; where we have to identify the next step.

"And I think this idea goes beyond the survivalist dogma of "bug out bags".

"Actually, we need a couple of lists: the first one should be personal, ie: getting out of debt, refinancing your home, learning how to live within your means. And the second list could be about the things you could do locally in your municipal governments and/or your schools.

"I for one, will be checking into hooking up with our states election board. I hope to be instrumental in researching the validity of voters addresses. This may turn out to be like a fart in the wind; but at least "I'm doing something".

"Lets continue to alert folks about the foolishness that occurs in Washington. But lets also, begin the conversation about how to deal with AO (After Obama)!"

- Steve

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  1. Actually, I think comparing you to Beck might be giving Beck too much credit. In the offline world I think you've more of a material contribution than he has.